Chiropractic Opportunities Nationwide

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The opportunity to work with some of the greatest chiropractors on the planet and practice in an office of your dreams is available right now. Doctors of chiropractic graduating from US educational systems may soon find themselves practicing in chiropractic offices and wellness centers that provide them with everything they could desire when graduating from chiropractic college. These opportunities will not be available to unmotivated slackers and whiners, they will be fulfilled by hard-working and dedicated chiropractors that intend to see our nation get healthy, regardless of presidential nominations and US politics on health care policy.

subluxation education with chiropractorWhen I graduated from chiropractic school it was very difficult to discover where the opportunities were. How would a recent chiropractic graduate in the state of California find out about an opportunity in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, or Minnesota? You could check with the school you went to, you could read help wanted ads in about five chiropractic publications (available maybe every 30 days or more likely quarterly), you could go door-to-door visiting chiropractors where ever you could find them. Things have changed.

I was walking past the webmaster’s desk at the Planet Chiropractic office earlier today and I noticed a chiropractic classified ad that piqued my interest. The ad was an associate wanted advertisement for a chiropractic office in Woodstock, Georgia. The ad title read “looking for a DC who is a leader” and I immediately thought to myself “I’d like to go work in that office.” I leaned in to see if I could read any of the ad copy and while I was checking a second advertisement popped up live in the Associates Wanted section. This ad stood right out at me as the subject read “George’s Chiropractic Health Center” and I recognized it as an office I knew of in Pennsylvania.

For those of you non-chiropractors that may be reading this imagine seeing an advertisement appear on Craigslist or some other job classified advertising network that offered an opportunity to work at Google under one of the top Ph.D.’s of the company. Imagine someone like Guy Kawasaki or Tom Peters offering an opportunity to work for them as an associate, teaching you the ropes and sharing all the wisdom they’ve learned over the years. Imagine being a phone call away from engaging yourself in the world of Anthony Robbins, learning everything you could about his motivational movement and approach to life, all while building your career. The opportunities available to chiropractors today are monumental.

The two ads that appeared did not occur by coincidence and none of the chiropractors I will be mentioning here have any idea what I’m up to. First, the chiropractor in Atlanta is Dr. Dan Ribley, someone I personally would go work for in a heartbeat. It’s not mentioned in his ad but Dr. Dan comes from a family of chiropractors whose deep roots have nurtured the industry of chiropractic for many years. Dr. Ribley himself is a motivating, fun to be around, positive individual, with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and energy. By the looks of his advertisement he is seeking someone with those same qualities. If I were a doctor of chiropractic seeking employment I’d be working on my résumé and getting it in front of Dr. Ribley.

There’s this advertisement for an associate wanted at the chiropractic office of Dr. Skip George in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I like everything about it. He states specifically that the practice style is Subluxation Only and the technique used is Torque Release. In the ad he mentions an opportunity to work in a large volume straight practice (hence the subluxation only). He also mentions that he will help train in teaching the adjusting technique. What he doesn’t mention is that he is one of the most respected and sought after chiropractors in the state of Pennsylvania (and in many cases nationwide). Dr. Skip is one of those experts that is focused on chiropractic, and nothing but chiropractic. He is a doctor of chiropractic that others call when seeking to improve their technique or when having a difficult time assisting someone in getting well, or staying well. Whoever takes the position in his Pennsylvania office is going to be incredibly fortunate.

The two advertisements motivated me to browse the Associates Wanted in the US section and I didn’t have to look hard to find opportunities. There is an ad posted just yesterday for a chiropractic office in Waite Park Minnesota for a subluxation based practice. The office uses Activator and Atlas Orthogonal techniques and the hiring doctor is a graduate of Palmer college. The office is seeking someone who is enthusiastic and ambitious. It’s going to be a rough road in chiropractic if you lack those two qualities.

There was also an ad posted this morning by another Palmer graduate with office space to share in old town Scottsdale, Arizona. Earlier this week there was an advertisement posted for a subluxation based chiropractic office utilizing Diversified, CBP, and Pettibon techniques. The office is in Eagan Minnesota and it’s another one seeking an individual that is outgoing, and passionate about chiropractic.

I’m excited and motivated to go adjust some folks after just reading these ads and knowing the caliber of some chiropractors posting them. I won’t be going into all of them since there’s over 200 in the help wanted section alone. Somebody, somewhere is about to embark on an incredible journey into the field of chiropractic, and they may just fulfill the life of their dreams. What about you? @ 12:07 am | Article ID: 1199952496