An unknown fatal error occurred

by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was just checking out one of my favorite social media sites (Digg) and saw an article on the homepage reporting the US medical system as the worst in 19 industrialized nations.

I went to vote up some of the comments I liked and the site gave me an error message. See the screenshot below.

unknown fatal error occurred

While the news about the US medical system is tragic I found it interesting that an error message appeared on this post. It’s almost as if it belonged there. Read the sentence above the error message… “U.S. sees 100,000 extra deaths per year. That’s roughly one every five minutes, around the clock, 24/ 7/365 — every year.”

So, in the time that you’ve read this, it’s likely an unknown fatal error has occurred, and they will continue to occur, until we do something to fix our broken health-care system. (Fixing the Digg Thumbs Up button should be easy).

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