Political Results Appearing in Keyphrase Search Results

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Bare with me while I take you through another post related to top 10 key phrases appearing in planetchiropractic.com log files. Trust me, while this stuff may appear boring, studying keywords and key phrases related to your web site’s traffic, can open up your eyes to entirely new opportunities.

Saturday morning I took a screen shot of search results for the previous day, which happened to be the day after the vice presidential debate. Take a look and you’ll notice that five out of the 10 most popular key phrases driving traffic to the website on that particular day were related to politics and the upcoming presidential election.

search keyphrases www.obama.com

We’re looking at the top 10 search related keyphrases for the day. Notice that number two (who won the vp debate), number three (who won the vice presidential debate), number four (www.obama.com), and number six (who won vp debate), are all related to the upcoming presidential election. That’s a lot of bounce traffic unless we’re providing worthwhile information that has relevance to those visiting the site.

I authored the Obama campaign website post back in September of 2007. At the time I did some research on three candidate web sites (which didn’t include the web site of John McCain). There’s been a fair amount of traffic for that particular article ever since it posted, with visitors increasing slightly month after month. After November, searches for terms like www.obama.com will likely drop-off significantly.

The other four search phrases were all related to an article that published on Thursday after the vice presidential debates. I don’t expect those keywords to appear in search results again any time soon. If we are paying attention to trends though, anticipate seeing nearly the exact same search phrases in website log files during the month of October 2012.

Chiropractors following the election may find this January 2008 article on chiropractic money in politics interesting. As of most recent reports, chiropractors have given 57% donations to Democrats versus 43% donations to Republicans. That includes contributions from both individuals and PACs.

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We haven’t seen the end of politically related keywords in search log traffic. I’m looking forward to next month when people are searching for chiropractor gift ideas. 🙂