Social Media Headache Commercial Alternative

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you’re not familiar with the backlash that’s been going on surrounding a Motrin (ibuprofen) campaign that hit the Internet over the weekend, this post and video may be a bit offensive to you. Actually, it’ll probably be offensive either way, but the video spoof (which appears below) is quite creative and pokes fun at the entire debacle.

In a previous post, I ranted about the Motrin Video Campaign, and I was only one of many untold thousands. There was also a weekend news post on the major fail. There’s been a great amount of opportunity to learn how marketing campaigns move through social media since this whole baby sling Mom blogger thing took off.

While it’s become a major issue of reputation management, I believe many are beginning to look at the long tail of this campaign, and predicting it will be a major success for the over-the-counter headache medicine manufacture.

This spoof video talks about breast implants, big boobs, and back pain, so leave now if you can’t handle the humor. Obviously, this was not a real commercial.

From the video… Silicone, saline, through the belly button, under the armpits, and who knows what else they’ve come up with. These things can put a ton a strain on your back, your neck, your shoulders, did I mention your back?

As a chiropractor, what I found funny is that this version actually makes sense. Hey, I’m in celebrity central, and I’ve had a ton of women with breast implants complain about pain in all those areas (especially the neck and low back).

Ironically, I take care of a large number of moms that use (or have used) baby slings. In my experience, when used properly, the practice of baby wearing is virtually pain-free. I personally think it’s a lot better to wear one’s baby (as long as you’re maintaining good posture) than it is to hunch over and push a stroller. Don’t forget you have to load and unload that stroller into the car all the time. That puts additional unneeded stress on the spine.

Well, maybe the headache pill manufacturer, had their target market all wrong. Maybe they planned all this in advance. Bumbling advertising fail or genius marketing strategy, it won’t be for me to decide.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Headache Commercial Alternative”

  1. That was really funny and creative. The funny thing is that the spoof is actually not as bad as the original. The original Motrin ad was trying to be serious. That was the most ridiculous aspect, I think.

  2. This video is a great example of the Robert Cialdini contrast principle. People will watch the 1st, think it’s offensive, watch the one above, and think oh sh*t “thi IS offensive.”

    Personally I think the spoof is better for mostly for the close to home reason that I actually get these complaints from women. Never had a single mom wearing a baby tell me it bothered her back, actually its been quite the opposite.

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