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In an effort to properly position chiropractic care in the current and emerging healthcare market, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has requested the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters’ (CCGPP) assistance in creating appropriate definitions of care. The ACA is seeking appropriate definitions of acute chiropractic care, chronic/recurrent chiropractic care, health promotion and wellness chiropractic care, relative to the healthcare market at large. This project was announced earlier this month at the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

chiropractor demonstrating side posture sacral adjustmentThe CCGPP will be initiating a multidisciplinary Delphi consensus process to define those terms. This Delphi consensus panel will review the pertinent literature/guidelines and develop care definitions more aligned with current literature and appropriate chiropractic practice. The Delphi panel of volunteers will consist of a diverse group of national content experts representing not only a broad cross-section of chiropractic practice, but also other provider types and third-party payer executives, to assure the validity of the process and recommendations.

Delphi Consensus Process Description
The Delphi process will consist of the following steps/process:

1. Collect seed documents: The process will begin by gathering selected documents such as the ACA Wellness Model, ACOEM/ ODG guidelines, Mercy/Glenerin documents, Institute of Medicine recommendations, CCE document & “Health Promotion/Wellness for Your Practice” by Dr. Gatterman, etc.

2. Develop seed statements: Using the selected documents, seed statements will be developed concerning definitions for acute and chronic/recurrent care and health promotion/wellness, etc.

3. Appoint Delphi Group members: CCGPP Council will seek nominations for members from the field. Representation of all stakeholders is essential and diversity of opinion, location, and background is important. The group will include experienced DCs from across the nation, including content experts and those recognized academic/research experts. Multidisciplinary representation is also necessary to ensure validity of the process consistent with AGREE.

4. Coordinator will conduct Delphi rounds by email until all comments are received and agreement is reached within a time frame established by the project coordinator.

5. Final document containing results is completed by coordinator. All participants are recognized by name and affiliation in publication

This is a golden opportunity for the chiropractic profession to take a proactive stance and appropriately define our care within the healthcare arena. Completing this consensus process will influence the definitions of care DC’s will work with for years to come. The panelists should be willing to commit 10 to 20 hours of document review time over the course of approximately 4 weeks with the majority of that being spent in reviewing the seed documents. With this in mind, we would ask each of our stakeholder organizations to submit contact information and CVs of willing candidates to the CCGPP for consideration as members of the Delphi panel. We are also interested in your recommendations of non-DC panelists, i.e. MDs, DOs, PTs and third party payor executives, who are appreciative of the merits of chiropractic care.

It is imperative that we receive these nominations no later than December 20, 2008. Please submit them to [email protected] We would also request you consider sponsoring this process with additional funding. While a Delphi process is relatively inexpensive, there will be administrative costs that will be beyond the current budget of the CCGPP. However, we are unwilling to forego this opportunity and are therefore stepping forward with the project, despite the need for additional funding. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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Chair, Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP)

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