Forcibly Vaccinate the Entire Population

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you have not read yesterday’s article, “Forced Vaccination for All” you may want to do so. Also be sure to read the Boston Globe article that it links to before the link is no longer available.

Yesterday afternoon a Reuters Health report on Yahoo news read, “Public health officials must have the authority to quarantine and forcibly vaccinate the entire population–with the help of the military if needed–in the event of a smallpox attack on the US.”

I’ve read that statement several times and I still somehow find it difficult to believe that this is where we are going. I may be completely off base here but I have a very strong feeling that there is drug money interest and personal agendas behind this move to vaccinate the entire population of the US.

Nearly every report that I have read states that drug companies are not interested in creating vaccines because they are not as profitable as blockbuster drugs. But what happens when a market opens up like this? A government funded opportunity free from liability probably sounds quite enticing too many in the industry.

For the past few days I have continually been thinking about the Tylenol scares that resulted in new sealing protocols for nearly every single item on supermarket shelves. Maybe this was a good safety precaution, but I would not be surprised to find that more people die (probably everyday) or are seriously injured from using Tylenol then the numbers of those that died from tampered bottle cyanide poisoning. A whole new market was created as a result of those events. But vacuum sealed packaging with secure plastic coverings does not increase one’s personal risk to death or injury. We cannot say that about vaccination.

I’m reading different numbers when it comes to side effects from a smallpox vaccine. I’ve seen reports of serious side effects listed from 1 of every 1000 vaccinated to the 1 in every 4000 mentioned in the article (link below) on Yahoo. These numbers, regardless of which ones, are based on vaccination programs from years ago. What effects would the vaccines have on those that have been already heavily vaccinated for other diseases? What would the long-term effects be?

It is just my opinion, but I believe someone is trying to take your freedom in the name of the greater good. Americans should not stand for it.

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