Forced Vaccination for All

Forwarded by Dawn Richardson
President, PROVE

Below is a link to an article detailing horrifying legislation commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control and written by one of the most dangerous conniving strategists for public health police power that I have ever read the works of. It provides for the legal forced vaccination of anyone – including adults with vaccines that are made by drug companies immune from liability for the side effects. Lawrence Gostin has a long history of trying to brainwash people that sacrificing individuals’ rights for society is okay in many areas of medical policy. His record speaks for itself. He is a threat to the freedoms our country was built upon. And now his ideas are codified in legislation that will be pushed around the country ostensibly offering “security” from microbes in exchange for your freedom to make your own medical decisions.

I would like to underscore that everyone needs to be watching their state legislatures very closely for any proposed changes and increases of police powers for public health bureaucrats. When they are talking about loss of public benefits for refusing vaccination (which they are tiptoeing around by lumping it with “treatment”), they are referring to things like your ability to have driver’s license and live a normal life. They’ve already done it to our children with the ability to get an education – it is time for this extortion to stop. I cannot count all the times parents have told me that they thought they had the right to decide what vaccines their child should receive until they actually tried to make that choice.

Everyone who values our freedoms and rights in this country needs to commit to educating family and friends about the dangers of such an unchecked medical dictatorship.

Every vaccine is different and so is each individual. There are many people who physically cannot tolerate some vaccines because of the havoc they will wreak on their bodies and immune systems. Because there has been NO research into the biological mechanisms that predispose people to vaccine reactions and there has been no effort to screen out these individuals, this type of action should be condemned as it would create unfathomable human suffering and sacrifice.

PROVE continues to assert that vaccination is a medical procedure that has the ability to cause injury and death and therefore the assessment of risks and benefits and ultimate decision should be made by the individual without government force or sanctions. Anyone who has a concern about a particular virus or bacteria and wants to be vaccinated should have that right just as anyone who doesn’t should be protected and respected to make that decision.

Boston Globe: Model health law empowers states – Drugs, quarantine could be forced

PROVE: Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education @ 9:36 am | Article ID: 1004981767