Dead Chiropractors Society Hosts Dr. Sid Williams

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Orange County, California — There is a place in Newport Beach, that is unknown to the majority of the states chiropractors. A place where about 100 gather on a regular basis, to get dipped in that Old Time Philosophy of ChiropracTIC.

DD Palmer at DCSDD Palmer meets AC/DC (It’s all about TONE)
The walls feature five foot high paintings of DD Palmer and BJ Palmer, the founders and developers of chiropractic. Photos of great chiropractors of the past are hanging on the walls. More than a dozen black lights fill the room with a purple glow. The 108″ projector screen along with full 5 speaker sound system brings audio and video from both rock and roll concerts, as well as movies and clips featuring chiropractic.

This room of TIC is not in someones home or a garage, this room is an extension of the chiropractic office of Dr. Bill DeMoss. The place is simply fabulous. The office is loaded with energy.

The group is called the Dead Chiropractors Society (DCS) and it has been promoting the principles of chiropractic for more than a decade now. It is amazing to experience what a few committed people can do. Everytime I travel to DCS (about 60 miles from LA) I am greeted with love and warmth. It takes a lot of work to accomplish what these folks do and this is one chiropractor that greatly appreciates them.

This past Monday night was a special night as a crowd of DCs, staff, and friends turned out to listen to one of chiropractic living legends, Dr. Sid E. Williams, speak on chiropractic. Dr. Sid Williams is the founder of the Dynamic Essentials movement and Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia.

Dr. Sid Williams at DCSHe and his wife Nell Williams, received a warm welcome in the warm California climate. He spoke for about two hours (which is just a warm up for Dr. Sid) about BJ Palmer, DD Palmer, the DE movement, setting goals, and focusing the minds eye on success. Dr. Sid read from one of BJ Palmers green books (which was signed by BJ himself) and offered some insights and comments. “I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about but that’s how he wrote it,” commenting on some of BJs phrases. Those of you that have read green books will know what he is speaking of.

Like BJ, sometimes I don’t know what Dr. Sid is talking about. At times he appeared to be just reading. In his classic style, Dr. Sid would then transform into a conduit for innate, his voice growing confident and directed, delivering a message that was as powerful visually as it was audibly. He shared some great BJ quotes… “If at first you don’t succeed, keep on succing until you do succeed.”

Thank you to the entire DCS group, to Drs. Sid and Nell, and to all those that make events like this possible.

Those interested in more information about Dynamic Essentials can visit the DE website at: @ 11:30 am | Article ID: 1139945415