Chiropractic Matters of the Heart

By Dr. Doug Ferguson

Many people already associate chiropractic with its great success in dealing with back and neck issues. But what about the heart and other body organs?

Chiropractors deal with matters of the heart literally. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between forward head carrying and mortality? Usually heart attacks! It is a matter of nerve compromise as well as sympathetic overload that results in these problems. A study done on geriatric patients found that the further forward your head is carried the more chance you have of not waking up tomorrow. Not a happy thing.

X-Ray Showing Straight NeckI find patients who carry their head in a forward position present with little or no cervical curve on x-ray analysis. Usually this relates back to some type of accident such as an auto accident. It could have occurred years ago and never presented any major noticeable symptom. I have patients who show up with problems in their cervical curve whose injury was five or more years ago and it could be from school sports or fun activities like water or snow skiing.

People with no curve in their neck often complain of neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and even migraines. Office workers with neck problems often have carpal tunnel and other complaints in their upper extremities and hands. This is usually directly related to the lack of a cervical curve and is called Double Crush Syndrome.

Do yourself and your family a favor; have them stand sideways to you relaxed and look at where their ear is in line with where the middle of their shoulder is. If their ear canal is forward of their shoulder chances are great that their cervical curve is not what it should or could be. Find a chiropractor in your area and get it checked out. Planet Chiropractic has a great referral directory if you need any assistance.

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Dr. Doug Ferguson is a chiropractor in active practice in Elk Grove, California
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