Hospitals: The Sickening Truth

They’re a breeding ground for deadly bacteria

This weeks Canadian version of Readers Digest, February 2002 issue, features the headlines: Will The Hospitals Make You Sick?

The following comes from a Chiropractic Assistant in Canada…

There is big research about hospitals and infections in Canada and it starts like this:
Hospitals The Sickening Truth
In Canada, they could be hazardous to your health
by Sharon Kirkey

Readers Digest CoverMargaret Westerby lost her husband last year in the hospital. His body was already weak from the stroke and seizures, when a common hospital bacterium entered his body, and the retired registered nurses from Ottawa area couldn’t help remembering how. Two weeks before he died, he was alert and able to sit and talk to his wife and the doctors. Then suddenly his temperature spiked, and neither the antibiotics nor the cold cloths his wife applied could fight it. ” It was a lost cause” his wife said. She doesn’t know whether it was documented on his chart, ” but I definitely heard the doctors say this was a hospital-based infection”, says Margaret Westerby. ” Everyone should be on the alert: These infections occur more often than we hear about”….

After reading this article, I thought to myself: Why Do We Give Birth To Innocent Healthy Children In The Hospitals?

The hospitals are full of germs and diseases, and we deliver the children to this world in a SICK environment? We vaccinate them and then we put them on drugs for the side effects… And of course it’s a never ending story after that. What happens to HEALTH? What is that? It was never introduced to us! I have no children yet, but when the time comes, I know what I’m going to do, what about you?

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