Panama City Bus Terminal – The Brain Stem

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I have been to many different locations in Panama but I’ve never seen anything like the recently built bus terminal in Panama City. If you have ever been to Panama, you certainly noticed there are many buses. Hundreds of converted school buses crowd the roads of Panama delivering Panamanians to and from the country’s interior into the corridor of Panama City.

cordero balsamo panamaPhotograph of Dr. Edwin Cordero, Jillian (a CA from Texas), Dr. Johnny Balsamo, and Robert (our awesome assistant in Panama).

Moments after this photograph was taken we were approached by security and told that photos and/or cameras are not permitted to be used inside the terminal as there are many banks located there. However, within a half-hour of us adjusting in the terminal, the security guard that told us we could not use cameras sat down to be adjusted. After that moment we were cleared to roll video and shoot photographs throughout the day.

The setup at the bus terminal was perfect. Thousands upon thousands of people pass through the location each and every day from all across Panama. We were set up right smack in the middle of the terminal and once the adjusting began, it did not stop. To my knowledge, the terminal was the fastest growing new adjusting location in CREW mission history. On the first day we saw more than 2100. On the second day that number was doubled (still with only three chiropractors). More than 5000 people were checked and adjusted (by the same three chiropractors) on the final day at that location.

cordero adjusting twins

Photos of Dr. Edwin Cordero of Lantana, Florida adjusting two twin boys in the bus terminal.

Shared here are two photographs of Dr. Edwin Cordero adjusting two twin boys at the bus terminal in Panama City. One brother receives a chiropractic adjustment as the other looks on. Afterwards they stop to take a photo of Dr. Ed before he continues on with the other folks that are waiting to be adjusted that afternoon.

Photo of Dr. Johnny B. of New York along with a crowd.

John Balsamo 2002

For Dr. John B. of Babylon, New York, adjusting at the terminal was like being in Penn Station in New York City. This guy flowed from person to person like he was dancing. The terminal was really hopping at this point and barely any of the nine chairs available remained empty for more than 10 or 15 seconds between adjustments. The breeze flowed through the terminal which helped to keep us cool although the temperature in Panama all week was around 90 degrees. This was an open air not air-conditioned adjusting location.

The terminal to me represented a great way to receive chiropractic care. Thousands pass through on their way to various destinations in Panama and as they do, they are checked and cleared and then continue on their way. It’s just a part of ones day. @ 4:20 pm | Article ID: 1015460441