Is that a gerbil in your pocket?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I saw a news headline today that read… “Experts Say Be Sensible With Pocket Pets”
I had to click on that one and get some more info. Turns out that folks all across the country are concerned about their furry little friends due to a recent increase in illness and deaths associated with some small animals.

When you read the article don’t forget the key point is NOT the animals, but the state of the individuals that died. According to health officials, it is ones weakened immune system that puts one at higher risk.

My thoughts…
Hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, squirrels, prairie dogs, etc… These are no pets to have. I mean what enjoyment can you get out of a pet hamster? I should know, I’ve had plenty of them. They either escape the habitrail and die somewhere in the house (that can get real stinky), or they get eaten my one of the other many family pets. I think I’ve even overfeed a few hamsters to death. Fat bastards, they loved those sunflower seeds. I had a rabbit too. Same thing, all it did was eat. No fun for me. If you ask me, all of these house pets, except for dogs, are virtually useless. A monkey could be cool though. Watch out for monkeypox, they talk about that in the article too.

Someone is probably in the works on a vaccine your kids can get so they can continue playing with household pets. That’s the plan isn’t it? Fill the parents with fear, then fill the kids with toxins, potions, lotions, poisons (not enough to kill them though, gotta keep them around so they can buy cigarettes), and monkeypus antiserums.

I’m for the George Carlin way of fighting off germs. Do you remember that skit? If not, you should check it out, he tells the TRUTH. George said you have to swim in raw sewage as a kid. Carlin grew up in New York and he swam in the Hudson river and was very healthy, germs did not stand a chance. I swam at Jones beach which did not have as much sewage but I make up for it now by going into the Santa Monica Bay. That will test your immune system, especially after the rains! Dip you kids in the ocean every once in a while, thats gotta be good for something. If your living inland you may want to expose yourself to some dirt a bit more often. Don’t be such a sanitizer.

Zoey and Jasmine

I like to think my dogs are also helping me stay healthy. I know they sniff poop and eat all kinds of 3 day old leftovers they find on neighborhood walks. After their walks, they come in the house, jump on the bed, give me a big lick on the face and plop down for their naps. Theres gotta be loads of bacteria and bugstuff floating around my place (and I can’t blame it all on the pooches either) but I don’t get sick. Why? One, because I get adjusted. Two, because I don’t live in a super sterile environment. Sure I wash my hands, but not one hundred times per day.

I did say I get adjusted. I’ve got news for you. If your not getting regular chiropractic care you are missing out on what I believe to be the number one benefit… a stronger immune system. Not an unstuck neck or non sore back, those things are nice, but a stronger, functioning as best as it can, healthy immune system is something everyone one thais planet should have access to. I don’t care if there is a gerbil in your pocket, you are better off with a chiropractic adjustment than without. And don’t think one visit is going to do it either, are you an idiot? Your body is fighting off things all day, 24 hours a day, 86400 seconds a day. You are telling me you are going to wait 2,592,000 seconds (one month) before your next adjustment. I don’t think so.

Hold on, I was talking about pets and gerbils…
People are bringing there pets to the office all the time. We had to start keeping treats for all the neighborhood dogs that stop by. Just the other day someone came in with their pet squirrel. I have a photo but it’s not on this PC so I can’t upload at this time. Those are my dogs above, they LOVE squirrels and opossums too.

If you are bringing a pet into the office (or any other chiropractic office) make sure we can see it. I don’t need any side posture gerbil moves going on. For you lay folk, a side posture is when we say… “lie on your side and face me.” I don’t think the critter would like that, in fact I’d think it would get squished. So no pocket squirrels, gerbils, mices, rats, or even anything that looks like a rodent. We’ve got enough to worry about with cell phones.

OK, enough of my take on this subject. Don’t forget… GET ADJUSTED!

Source: Newsday
Experts Say Be Sensible With Pocket Pets

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