Lakers Vs Magic Game 4 NBA Finals

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

NBA Finals Game 4 coverage begins tonight at 8:30pm Eastern time on ABC television. Game 4 of the series is played in Orlando and gametime is 9pm Eastern. This is the 2nd game of the NBA Finals played in Orlando, the 1st 2 were played in Los Angeles. Game 5 will be played in Florida as well, on Sunday June 14th, starting at 8pm Eastern (5pm in LA).

Game 4 Update: In a stunning overtime win, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Orlando Magic in Game Number 4, by a score of 99 – 91. Veteran Laker Derek Fisher came through with a huge 3 pointer, that tied the game with 4.6 seconds left to play.

Wilt Chamberlain - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Shaquille O'Neal - Think Different
photo: Wilt Chamberlain #13, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar #33, Shaquille O’Neal #34 – Apple “Think Different” 2001 Ad

NBA Finals 2001 — In a crazy chiropractic stunt, I jumped out into the street to take the photo shown above while on South Figueroa Street in June of 2001. The building is the Hotel Figueroa, which is located directly across from the Staples Center. An advertisement for Apple, three exterior walls of the Figueroa Hotel were painted with ginourmous sized likenesses of 3 players. The photo features Wilt Chamberlain wearing Lakers jersey number 13, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wearing Lakers jersey number 33, and Shaquille O’Neal wearing Lakers jersey number 34.

Thinking Different — The Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers will be thinking differently about tonight’s game, now that Orlando has had their first win at home (their first NBA finals game win in franchise history), resulting in a significant change to the psychology of this series. Seconds after game three was over in Orlando, messaging site Twitter erupted with Magic tweets, many of them suggesting that “now we have a series.”

real-time results for magic - twitter search after game 3
real-time search results: magic

Following Game 4 — The above screenshot shows over 7000 messages sent including the term “magic”, which was captured moments after the end of game 3. In our NBA Finals Game 3 article I showed screen grabs for searches related to “lakers” at the end of game two. I figured it was only fair to show an Orlando Magic related screenshot this time around.

Throughout the series, I’m finding the Lakers are easy to follow using the search query lakers on twitter. In our first NBA Finals 2009 article, we provided details on following both teams throughout the finals. After three games it’s looking apparent that the following are amongst the four most popular search queries.

NBA FinalsLakersMagicOrlando

Besides query searches, hash tags are still really useful in following game related tweets, check game one article for suggestions on those. There is also more information on explaining the use of Twitter for following live sporting events. With the screenshots in the game three article, we showed that viewing tweets were not only an alternative for those who can’t watch the game live on television or online, it’s also a great way to interact with others during gametime.

There was some feedback on the graffiti photos shown in the game three post and the NBA Finals Game 2 article. One of the photos showed a close-up of purple spray-painted tagging that read Go Lakers. For the record, the artistic painting was done in an area of Venice Beach California that allows for spray painting by permit. It is a project that allows people to express their artistic talent without defacing public, private or commercial property.

For details on live game coverage (I’ve not located a streaming source for watching the NBA finals free online) and other related info, check out the NBA section of ESPN ( and the 2009 Finals ( pages for the National Basketball Association (NBA).

We’ll have an 2009 NBA Finals Champion by next week, who is ready for Tiger Woods and the 2009 U.S. Open championship beginning June 18th? This chiropractor is excited that summer is almost here! @ 2:05 pm | Article ID: 1244754352