CWOB in Costa Rica

U.S. chiropractors returned home from Costa Rica last week after serving participants in the countries Costa Rican National Youth Games. The group, known as “Chiropractors Without Borders” is a part of the Life Foundation and their trip was sponsored by Delta Airlines and Life University’s Sports Chiropractic Department.

Dr. Ed Cordero of Boynton Beach, Florida adjusts a police officer in Costa Rica.Among the U.S. volunteers who participated in the project were: Drs. Ed Cordero, Boynton Beach, FL; Fred Fritsch, Woodstock, GA; Fred Gerretzen, Tucson, AZ; Mitch Holsten, Newark, NJ; Bruce Salzinger, Atlanta, GA; and Jon Stucky, Hyrum, Utah.

Dr. Ed Cordero stated that the television coverage was fantastic as the week long event was broadcast daily on TV. Dr. Ed is no stranger to Costa Rican T.V., he was interviewed for a 30 minute talk show back in May of 2000 during a CREW chiropractic mission to Costa Rica.

Dr. Fred Gerretzen tells it like this…
“Six chiropractors met at the airport in Atlanta and embarked on what would turn out to be the hardest working, but most rewarding, trip of my life. Our mission was to provide chiropractic care to the athletes competing in The Costa Rican National Youth Games. Athletes under twenty years of age competed for six days in sports ranging from track and field, boxing, triathlon, tennis, soccer, to basketball, and more. We also took care of the spectators and general public while we were down there. For the majority of these people it was their first experience with chiropractic care. I would have to guess that we adjusted between five and six thousand people. We often had lines around the tents of people waiting to get checked. It was incredible!”

Chiropractors Without Borders (CWOB) is a division of Life International and is the creation of Dr. Sid E. Williams. CWOB reflects his vision to provide chiropractic and basic health care in areas where chiropractic and other basic health care may not be available. Click here to visit the website and view more photos from the trip.

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