Mercury and Vaccines

From the Boston Globe comes an article titled, “Fears Raised Over Preservative in Vaccines.” According to the article, a mother, (a registered nurse) thought she was doing the right thing when she took her son to be vaccinated for various childhood diseases. Within a short time after being vaccinated her son lost his speech and the ability to make eye contact.

The child was later diagnosed with a form of autism. It was the same form of autism in which a Food and Drug Administration study had warned that the mercury preservative, thimerosal, used in some vaccines, may be exposing children to levels of mercury higher than those recommended under federal guidelines.

According to the article, when referred to the Environmental Protection Agencies maximum daily dosage, the boy had 125 times the allowable exposure of mercury in a single day via the vaccinations he received.

Parents, scientists, and concerned others have been urging the U.S. to oppose the use of any mercury compound as a preservative and vaccines. (perform a keyword search for “mercury” or “thimerosal” to find related articles)

According to the article, thimerosal has been used in vaccines and other medical products since the 1930s. (but vaccines were not given with such frequency as today) And although mercury has long been known to be a neurotoxin, both vaccine makers and some federal officials have argued that it is harmless in the doses found in vaccines.

Many parents, along with some doctors and scientists, believe differently. More and more evidence is pointing to a link between vaccination and autism as well as other neurological disorders.

Besides vaccines, other products also contain the mercury compound. Products that contain thimerosal include tetanus shots, children’s nasal drops & ear drops.

At a recent hearing attended by federal officials, scientists, and parents, there was much discussion surrounding neurological disorders. According to the article, most of the doctors and scientists who spoke at the hearing presented evidence that showed at least a correlation between vaccines containing mercury and the incidence of neurological disease.

Your Health Daily: Fears Raised Over Preservative in Vaccines

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