Hazardous Virus Alert

I hate to bother everyone with this message but last week a new computer virus went into circulation that may potentially be very damaging to you. The virus, which is technically a worm, releases confidential info. It will export a random document from your hard drive by appending it to the body of the worm. (virus)

Basically, it forwards your microsoft word documents to others without your knowledge. How serious is this? In the past 72 hours I have received nearly 120 documents from various chiropractors. (unintentionally) Those documents included…

Employee Manuals
Articles on carpal tunnel syndrome, AC joints, etc…
Info on patients in your offices
Office and procedural manuals
Dr & Attorney information
Several technique articles
Miscellaneous other personal documents

I urge all of you to update your virus software (I use Norton Antivirus) immediately. If you do not have virus software installed, do so immediately. This is not a plug for any particular company, I’d just hate to see your personal info go into the wrong hands.

The virus is NOT specific to chiropractors, everyone should check to see that their computers are secure.

For more information, go to: www.symantec.com and click on “Security Updates – W32.Sircam.Worm”

Virus Name: W32.Sircam.Worm @ mm It was released on July 17, 2001
Some article links are below.

Oddly enough, I began prayer and meditation last week for more chiropractors to begin submitting articles to Planet Chiropractic. This is not how I intended to get those articles. (yes Marco, I was being specific in my prayers) I’d like principled chiropractors, students, and staff to consider sharing their experiences with others. A few sentences about your practice, love for what you do, experiences, would be welcomed.

If you need any assistance or have any questions about the virus, feel free to email me. All documents I have received have been deleted to protect your privacy and my computers.

All my best,
Michael Dorausch, D.C.

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