Planet Chiropractic RSS on your iPhone

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s good news for tech folks, an even greater news for chiropractic tech folks, the greatly anticipated Apple iPhone goes on sale Friday. According to reports on several websites, and the presence of a new URL,, it looks as though the Apple iPhone is going to have its own RSS interface.

RSSWhile techie iPhone owners will likely be quick to add feeds for sites such as engadget and (Apple has a popular RSS feed titled: Apple Hot News Ticker), tech minded chiropractors will have access to not only one, but three forms of RSS content coming from Planet Chiropractic.

Using a Web browser, an RSS enabled e-mail client, RSS reader, and soon possibly your RSS enabled iPhone, chiropractors can access the freshest information on topics such as Chiropractic News, the latest posts to Chiropractic Blogs, and up-to-the-minute postings to the chiropractic classified ad system.

While reading news and viewing blogs via RSS is a pretty spectacular feature to be enabled in the iPhone, the potential for platforms such as classified advertising via RSS is humongous. Forget for a moment chiropractic classifieds and imagine the potential for any classified ad system that enables their content in RSS feeds. An end-user could subscribe to a niche market RSS feed and view it on their iPhone, via the Apple-designed RSS aggregator.

One potential scenario I could think of would be ticket sales. Someone could post tickets for the Los Angeles Lakers playing at the Staples Center to a classified ad system that supports RSS. The iPhone user would be subscribed to a “tickets for sale” feed and could potentially have the information almost instantly. No doubt there will be many great ways to use RSS on a mobile handset such as the iPhone.

RSS technology will continue to improve and it looks as though Apple will be the first to capitalize on the many opportunities RSS brings to the mobile market.

It will be interesting to see how Apple’s inclusion of an RSS reader will affect third-party vendors and established RSS services such as FeedBurner, owned by Google. We may be seeing advertiser supported feeds in the not to distant future. Apple anticipates that it will sell an estimated 15 million iPhones by the end of 2008.

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