Flying Pig Marathon Cincinnati & OC Marathon Newport Beach

By Daria Belov

May 3, 2009 was a big Sunday for marathons all across the United States. The 2009 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon, the Eugene Marathon in Oregon, the 2009 Lincoln Marathon in a Nebraska, and the 2009 Orange County Marathon in Newport Beach Southern California, were all run on this Sunday.

Ghost runners(photo:
Ghost runners – credit: crgdtn)

Amongst the thousands of volunteers that support marathons like these are local chiropractors, dedicated to better serving their communities. Cincinnati Chiropractor, Carl Rafey of Rafey Chiropractic in Ohio, provided chiropractic support at the 2009 Flying Pig Marathon. Chiropractors across the nation, work with runners and other marathon participants, to assure they are performing at their best. Marathon training takes work, and whether the goal is to complete a marathon for the first time, or set a personal record running time, chiropractic plays its role in helping runners make those achievements.

Flying Pig Marathon Results will be available on the marathon website later this afternoon, check out for complete details. Flying Pig Marathon 2009 photos as well as photos from today’s other marathon events, can many times be found on photo sharing sites such as Flickr. When performing photographs searches, look for tags or terms like 2009 Flying Pig Marathon, 2009 Orange County Marathon, Cincinnati Marathon, Eugene Marathon 2009, etc.. Check this Flickr photo search link for a sampling of Flying Pig Marathon photos that appear in search. Most marathon websites have photos on them as well, but searching sites like Flickr is a great way for runners and other participants to locate photographs of themselves or family.

More than 10,000 runners participated in the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon this morning, Kassahun Kabisco of Bronx, New York winning the men’s division with a race time of 2:22:51. The woman’s winner for the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon was Kristin Price of North Carolina. She completed the race in 2:36:33. Use the same photo technique as mentioned above, to search Pittsburgh Marathon photos on Flickr. 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon results are provided by and are available for viewing here… Pittsburgh Marathon Results.

2009 OC Marathon results are available online as well, visit OC Marathon Results 2009 to search by runners name or bib number. For 2009 Orange County Marathon photos, conduct a marathon related photo search and filter out your results to just include photos from 2009. There are photos online related to all the marathons mentioned above, but you may have to browse through a few pages, or use advanced search criteria, to locate the ones you want.

Here’s the homepage for the Orange County Marathon,, which features a other race information, such as Marathon maps, and an official online store.

Congratulations to everyone completing today’s marathons, and many thanks to the thousands of volunteers and supporters that help make these events happen.

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