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By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Worldwide news regarding swine flu doesn’t appear to be dying down much in the upcoming week. While deaths have been reported in the state of Mexico, increasing numbers of people dying from swine flu infection have not been yet reported in other parts of the world. Vice president Joe Biden commented on television last week that he would urge his family to stay off commercial airliners, subways, and crowded spaces, to avoid coming in contact with those infected with swine flu. The travel industry was outraged by the remarks, and the White House has apparently apologized for his comments (although his suggestion sounded like basic common sense advice offered by someone who cares about their family). Another person in Washington last week had comments regarding the Swine Flu. Congressman Ron Paul appeared in a video that was posted online April 27, 2009, sharing his perspective regarding the issue of swine flu in the United States. Congressman Ron Paul is a Medical Doctor from the state of Texas.

Congressman Ron Paul speaks on swine flu in AmericaIn the sub four-minute video, Congressman Ron Paul had several things to say regarding the US government and swine flu situation. In the video, Dr. Ron Paul states that he is interested in the swine flu not only for political reasons, but because he is a physician. “It makes me think back to 1976, the first year I served in the Congress” said Dr. Paul, talking about a vote that took place regarding the 1976 swine flu. “Back then there was a panic and they said it was going to sweep the nation and they rapidly came up with some flu shots and the government was going to inoculate everybody and save the world from this disaster.” Ron Paul goes on to state that he remembers two votes against that plan, one from him, and another from Larry McDonald, also a physician.

According to the video, doctors Ron Paul and Larry McDonald were correct in their instincts, one in thinking the government shouldn’t be in the medical business and making medical decisions, and the other on the severity of the swine flu. “It turned out the instincts were absolutely right, because the flu came, and the flu went, and one person died, except for those individuals who died from getting the flu vaccine.” I must’ve missed reports of that fact in other major media coverage during the past week.

“Over 25 people died just from getting the vaccine, and many got ill from it, until finally they had to suspend the whole program” said Dr. Paul regarding the government’s approach on treating swine flu in America. “Here we are once again, the swine flu coming up, and everybody’s panicking.” Dr. Ron Paul is clear to state that his commentary is not to downplay the seriousness of the situation, he recognizes that some people have died, he is also aware that more people may die from the swine flu.

Regarding swine flu cases in the United States, Ron Paul states “it’s practically like we’ve been attacked by nuclear weapons” as he goes on to mention the press conferences and involvement of the Department of Homeland Security. In the video Dr. Ron Paul asks “How did the Department of Homeland Security get into the medical business?”

In an attempt to put this in perspective Ron Paul checked into how many cases of tuberculosis the United States had last year. According to Dr. Paul, the United States had an estimated 13,000 cases of tuberculosis last year, a very serious disease. He goes on to mention that in 2006 there were 644 recorded deaths from tuberculosis in the United States.

Regarding the current swine flu situation, Dr. Paul states “All I’m asking people to do is step back and think for a minute, rather than rushing and panicking, and taking advantage of opportunities like this.” Dr. Ron Paul also mentions that the way he sees medical care in this country, it’s deteriorating as costs are skyrocketing. Ron Paul claims that’s mainly because we’ve had centro economic planning in medicine for 30 something years, and it hasn’t worked very well. “So now were about to embark on socialized medicine.” @ 7:11 pm | Article ID: 1241403089

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