Addicted to Ron Paul

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA: Don’t expect to read an article like this in the mainstream media. In the past three months internet supporters of 2008 presidential hopeful Ron Paul have worked tirelessly to push the Texas congressman’s website into the status of most popular among all those in the race for the 2008 US presidency. Had I not performed the research and recorded the data back in September of 2007, I may not have believed what I discovered today, people are increasingly becoming addicted to the Ron Paul Revolution.

To understand the data I am going to address in this article we have to go back to Saturday, September 8, 2007 for a post regarding Presidential Campaign Website Success Secrets and the information I presented in that article, as it related to the websites of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Ron Paul. I’d suggest you read the September article first, or open it in a new tab (Firefox and IE 7 browsers), so you can view the comparisons for yourself.

Ron Paul Website screenshot 12 million Ron Paul Revolution is Addicting
According to the most current figures that I gathered earlier today, web site traffic for is eclipsing traffic for all other presidential hopeful websites. I used the same independent data, from a website popularity and analytics company known as Quantcast, to get the results I am about to share with you. View the September article for source information. I have presented the websites in the same order I did in the previous article, beginning with the website data for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama – September 2007
Estimated Monthly Uniques (US) = 199,369
Stickiness: 37% of visitors are regulars; 20% are addicts
PR: 7

Barack Obama – November 2007
Estimated Monthly Uniques (US) = 233,286
Stickiness: 43% of visitors are regulars; 16% are addicts
PR: 6

Changes: Estimated Monthly Uniques has increased slightly; number of regular visitors has increased; number of addicts has decreased; PageRank has decreased from a 7 to a 6.
Quantcast says: The site is popular among a primarily older, more educated, more female, more African American following. The typical visitor follows Hillary Clinton, reads, and subscribes to In Style.

Hillary Clinton – September 2007
Estimated Monthly Uniques (US) = 139,649
Stickiness: 42% of visitors are regulars; 14% are addicts
PR: 6

Hillary Clinton – November 2007
Estimated Monthly Uniques (US) = 255,945
Stickiness: 49% of visitors are regulars; 0% are addicts
PR: 6

Changes: Estimated Monthly Uniques has increased significantly; number of regular visitors has increased; number of addicts has decreased; PageRank has remained the same.
Quantcast says: The site attracts a primarily older, more educated, mostly female audience. The typical visitor follows Rudy Gulliani and reads

ronpaul 2008 daily US Uniques (photo: Quantcast screenshot for November 2007 Estimated Monthly Uniques and other factors)

Ron Paul – September 2007
Estimated Monthly Uniques (US) = 102,053
Stickiness: 55% of visitors are regulars; 6% are addicts
PR: 2

Ron Paul – November 2007
Estimated Monthly Uniques (US) = 340,403
Stickiness: 41% of visitors are regulars; 29% are addicts
PR: 7

Changes: Estimated Monthly Uniques has more than tripled; number of regular visitors has decreased; number of addicts has dramatically increased; PageRank has gone from 2 to 7 (the highest for any presidential hopeful website).
Quantcast says: The site caters to a somewhat male, more educated, primarily older, fairly wealthy audience. The typical visitor reads and follows Mitt Romney.

To get comparative figures I would suggest someone do even more independent research but according to the data I reviewed today, traffic to the Ron Paul 2008 website has more than tripled since I last reported on the three websites in September of 07′. It is also impressive to note that PageRank, a Google measurement of website popularity, for the Ron Paul site has increased from a PR2 to a PR7. In the world of search engine optimization and/or search engine marketing, the significance of a five point increase in PageRank in a period of less than 90 days, is a reason to celebrate.

In the September post I mentioned some website success secrets. Perhaps someone from the Ron Paul Camp noticed my earlier recommendations on improving search engine optimization for presidential hopeful web sites, as the Ron Paul site has successfully implemented the 301 redirect technique I suggested. The Hillary Clinton website continues to split PageRank, resulting in duplicate content presentation on its root domain and www subdomain.

In the September article I mentioned that unique names ranked easier in search results and that Barack definitely had the upper hand in this category. Performing a Google search, Barack Obama still ranks among the top results when searching the term barack, but a search for the term Ron currently returns the Ron Paul 2008 web site as the #1 result, making him the most relevant Ron (according to Google search) in the world.

I took the search data a bit further and checked Wordtracker, a paid keyword tracking service, for more information. According to keyword tracking research the term “Ron” currently returns more searches for Ron Paul than any other related term. Amusingly, Ron Paul searches outperform by almost triple (7,504 to 2,803), searches for the Web’s second most searched for Ron, which is Ron Jeremy (a former adult film star).

When the nation’s internet users are more interested in a presidential election than they are adult entertainment, I’d say you’ve got a revolution.

Editors Note: While comments are not supported in news related posts, a RonPaul2008 Quantcast November Report blog post has been created that is related to this topic and includes secondary data to support my posted findings. Feel free to post related comments there. @ 6:16 pm | Article ID: 1197771423