I See My Adjustments

By Mark Schulman, D.C.

I see my adjustments; they live inside of me. When I give an adjustment I expect the unexpected. Each adjustment is made up of many miracles which amaze the patients and startle me. When my intention meets reality, the unexplainable occurs. I love when I palpate and contact a vertebra and the patient says “Doc, how do you find the source of my pain so easily?” What a chiropractor thinks, says, or does appear in his or her adjustments. I consider my adjustments as the infinite, having no boundaries. I contemplate my adjustments and know their beneficial effects.

When I am on I am on, and when I am off I want to be on. Whether it is mediation, visualization or being in present time, it all works. I constantly strive to stay focused. I make every experience a chiropractic opportunity to share my caring, to search for and give the perfect adjustment. Others go boating or play golf, but I study and educate others about chiropractic. I might not know much about pro ball, but I sure know how to move a vertebra.

I am constantly defining and redefining my adjustments, so they can become as near to perfect as possible. The right adjustment, at the right time and place can bring a change to a person. Yes, the sick are dying and the healthy are living. The joy of living can come from chiropractic adjustments. This joy is visible in many dimensions–in the form of a healthier lifestyle, or pain relief, or even as a more positive outlook on life. My adjustments bring hope to the hopeless; they inspire me, and bring inspiration to others who, in return, inspire yet others. It is a transfer of energy, a flow from my innate spirit to their innate spirit. Whatever it is called, it works!

I can feel subluxations. Their existence is on my mind constantly–the air we breathe, the food we eat, the thoughts we think–how can we not be subluxated? The more certainty placed in the location and correction of a subluxation, the more effective the adjustment. The crux of chiropractic is in the adjustment. In my hands are hundreds of thousands of adjustments. Sometimes I might have to see hundreds of cases of neck and back aches before I meet a patient that will express the essence of chiropractic. I am aware that adjustments from the mind do work; however, adjustments from the heart are those that a patient deeply seeks.

How different a life becomes with an adjustment, whether it is one or a hundred or a thousand. Each adjustment has its own merit, and the outcome is simply amazing. How sad it is for those who approached their life without an adjustment. Countless suffering could be replaced with something so much better. How fortunate humanity would be with an additional hundred thousand chiropractors giving adjustments!

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Mark Schulman, D.C. is a 1978 graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He is advanced proficiency rated in Activator Methods. At present, Dr. Schulman is studying molecular biology and anthropology at Princeton University. Dr. Schulman has been in practice in Princeton, New Jersey for the last 24 years. Over the last 10 years he as been renovating Grover’s Mill, a historic site, made famous by the Orson Welles in his radio show of 1938. He has converted the building into a state of the art chiropractic office. Dr. Schulman can be reached at [email protected]

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