Mother’s Day Chiropractor Classifieds


232 new classified advertisements in the queue since the beginning of May, with ads for items such as a myovision 8000, x-ray processor, hydraulic hand dynamometer, high frequency x-ray, impulse adjusting instruments, patient education systems, and chiropractic practices for sale. As always, any chiropractor selling products online is advised to watch out for potential scams and fraud when posting classified ads. A Nigerian Scammer Loaded Martins contacted someone earlier this week, hoping to get them to wire money overseas. It’s a good practice to take the extra steps in getting to know who you’re dealing with, before sharing any personal or specific information when buying or selling via chiropractic classifieds online. A simple reply to e-mails asking somebody what chiropractic college they attended, is a good way to start.

glossopharyngeal and other nerves(photo: spinal vertebrae nerve model)

Southern TX MD/DC clinic for sale — 12 year old MD/DC clinic collecting $585,480.00. Dr take home before taxes $258,211.00. 40 minutes to beach. 150k patient draw. Sunny tropical weather. This is a “one-stop pain management MD/DC family practice.” Ideal “turn-key” situation to meet modern demands of hectic patient lifestyles. Dr is retiring. Pix on web. 100% financing O.A.C.

Omni Deluxe Stationary 5 Drop Table — Omni Deluxe Stationary Drop Table Features: Tilt & Elevating Cervical, forward and toggle cervical drop, translating cervical, lateral bending cervical, foot cocking dorsal, lumbar and pelvic drop, dual foot drop pedals, elevating chest and pelvic, upholstery is 100% leather.

Oregon practice for sale — 11 year family practice collecting $171K. Dr take home pay before taxes $92K. “Norman Rockwell” community considered one of the top places to live. Highly desired, absolute beautiful and pristine area in the U.S.A. Will sacrifice $95k. Dr works 30 hours per week. Pix on Web.

New York City, NY practice — Well established chiropractic and physical therapy clinic collecting $783,715.00. Dr. take home pay before taxes $547,325.00. 5154 chiro visits plus 6388 physical therapy visits. This is a beautiful, well equipped “turn-key” facility in upscale community.

Charleston SC Independant contractor position — Our team are looking for an INDEPENDANT CONTRACTOR for long term position. We are located at a GREAT location by a Super Walmart with fantastic visibility. We only use state of the art equipment in the clinic. We also have 2 massage therapists and one nutritionist as well as microdermabrasion and chemical peel services. (meaning more offive traffic). This relationship will be contract based and based on percentage.

Erchonia Laser PL5000 — Erchonia Laser PL5000,New price is over $12,000,several used ones are listed on the internet for around $9,000. Make an offer.

Female Bloomingdale Chiropractor — Ideal opportunity for a recent graduate or person looking to downsize their practice as an independent contractor in the Bloomingdale area. The available hours in the clinic are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you are interested please call.

Americomp X-Ray Unit For Sale — This is a 2001 Americomp Spectra 325e x-ray unit with LX125 Collimator with only 200 total x-rays taken since new. Also included are 5- 8×10 cassettes and 4- 14×17 Cassettes with viewing box. There is a large leaded window also included (16×25 leaded window). Lastly there is an agfa cp1000 x-ray processor. Everything works perfectly. Asking 9,500 for all of it.

Super Stim Plus 3 EMS unit — This is a 2 lead, 4 pad stim unit. All steel construction. This unit has interferential, biphasic, medium frequency, and AC pulse settings. Everything works perfectly. Pretty much all the setting needed in an EMS unit. manufacture date of 2001. Unit has seen very little use (hence the reason it is being sold). Sells new for $1798 at Zask medical.

X-Ray Unit w/ Processor/cassets — Weustec computerized unit with sliding and rotating bucky, for extremities. very nice and user friendly unit. enter patient body part , patient size ect.automatically sets peramiters. comes with Fischer automatic processor, 2,11×14 & 4,8×10 cassetts. Safe light , Name imprint. reduced for quick sale, $4,500.Right now will include one Hill, elevating table. removeable head piece, light grey w/3″ extra foam package hardly ever used.

Monroe City, MO clinic for sale — 2 year family practice collecting $95,472.00. Dr. take home before taxes $64,872.00. Low overhead. 1 1/2 hours from St. Louis & Columbia next to Mark Twain Lake. Safe haven from hectic/stressed big city life. Clinic can easily triple with little marketing. Dr. must sell – will sacrifice.

Insight Millennium Second Generation — This is a complete system and ready to go. Also includes a special Keyspan USB adapter for laptops for screenings, and after market electrodes for SEMG.

Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer — Used 1 time. This JAMAR Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is in excellent condition.

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