UK News on MMR Safety

A recent UK news article suggests that former safety tests for the MMR vaccine have been “flawed and invalid.” According to the Sunday Herald, a UK newspaper, a new study shows that children typically developed autism on average about 2 1/2 years after receiving doses of MMR vaccine.

According to the study, published in the Journal of Adverse Drug Reactions, doctors checked children for reactions to the vaccine only three to six weeks after vaccinations were given before approval was given to license the triple dose in the UK.

In the study an argument was made that children should be monitored for at least three years to properly determine MMR vaccine safety. According to one of the professors involved in the study, “virtually none of the cases would have been classified if followed for only six weeks after vaccination.” The key finding in the study is the delay between exposure of MMR and the emergence of autistic symptoms. According to those involved with the study, the length of time spent for follow-up (3-6 weeks) was grossly inappropriate.

‘Such studies have all been confined either to a follow-up period of several weeks, or have only followed up for longer those children with an immediate reaction. It is this failure to recognize the slowness of degeneration that is the key to understanding what has happened.’

The chairman of Action on Autism stated, “This scientific work acknowledges the evidence of parents that a child’s withdrawal into the autistic spectrum following MMR is a slow, gradual, insidious process. The time-scale of a child’s retreat can be months or even years, which makes a mockery of the safety trials which were carried out prior to licensing.”

UK health-care officials maintain that the MMR vaccine is safe.

Sunday Herald: MMR safety tests ‘Flawed and Invalid’ @ 8:22 am | Article ID: 1004458931