5 Tips for a Principled CA

By Lynn Rivard, Principled CA

1. Ask Yourself “The” Question
First and most important – decide if you are just looking for a job to make money and fill time or are you looking to live your purpose? Ask yourself the question… What do I stand for? If you believe in chiropractic and understand your purpose and what you want to accomplish in your career as a CA, then you will be unstoppable and the profession will be lucky to have you. If you are just looking for a job to pass time, then try something else. Being a CA means living with passion and purpose – we are on the front lines… the first one the patient sees, perhaps their first impression of chiropractic and we need to step up and tell the chiropractic story with excitement, certainty and unconditional compassion.

2. Make the Connection
Your relationship with your DC is vital to your success as a CA. Find a PRINCIPLED DC, someone with whom you can share your vision. This connection needs to be based on respect, love and very importantly TRUST. Your DC needs to stand back and let you do what you do best – avoid someone who won’t let go of the control, who stands over you and constantly asks for justifications. If Innate is alive and well in your office – the team will surrender the control and let Innate run the show. Remember that your office is just an extension of the Palmer vision. Search for where you are meant to be. If you have to make a change then JUST DO IT. Develop open communication right away with your DC – stand up and be heard. Voice your opinions, ideas and concerns. HAVE FUN!!! Nothing is more important than that – mistakes can be fixed. If love of people and love of chiropractic is evident in your office then you better add more adjusting tables because you are going to be rocking down the house with new patients! Wahoo!

3. Knowledge is Extreme Power
Learn all you can about chiropractic. Start with philosophy. Discover the Principle. Read. Attend seminars. Find a mentor and listen to what they have to say about their experience with chiropractic. Always leave yourself open to learn. If you are a new CA – once you become confident in your understanding of chiropractic – you can then tell the story with certainty. Opportunities to talk to people about chiropractic will present themselves to you and you will begin to hunt them down and spread the news. The knowledge about the amazing capabilities the body has will set you on fire!

4. Get Real!
Make sure that YOU are living what you do. Make sure you are healthy and happy. Eat right, sleep right. It is a contra-indication to health and wellness if we are smoking, drinking, burger-eating machines! Surround yourself with positive people and maintain healthy relationships. Keep yourself adjusted weekly. This will also keep you in tune with Innate and better able to connect with patients. Make sure you are using positive self- talk and nurturing yourself. We can better help others when we first help ourselves. Try treating yourself in one special way every week. It could be that you buy yourself a little treat, or go for a massage, or a facial. It could be a long relaxing bubble bath, or a walk alone to think and reflect. Make an appointment for you. This CA stuff is big business and the key to success is BALANCE.

5. Love
Live life with love in your heart. Chiropractic is about loving yourself enough to allow your body to heal and function as God created it to. Extend that love to your DC – tell him/her that they are making an impact, tell him/her you appreciate them. Have fun with them, don’t let them get too serious. Love him/her enough to disagree when needed. Love your patients. Love them enough to put everything you are doing on hold to listen to them. Love them enough to get up from the desk and hug them when they need it. Love them enough to keep them in your prayers. Love them enough to educate them the very best that you can. Love Chiropractic. Love it enough to stand out in a crowd and tell the TRUTH. Love it enough to lose your care for what others think. Love it enough to give up the power of your ego and let innate take over. Love it enough to live it outside of the office – to tell that person you meet with a sore back or headaches or depression – that there is an answer and that answer is within them.

Being a Chiropractic Assistant will have a profound impact on your entire life. It will reward you in amazing ways. It will inspire you, embrace you, captivate you and motivate you. If you have never sat back and considered your value as a CA, think of it like this……. you are actually an extension of the adjustment. Every smile, kind word, hug, recall, appointment you book, mess you clean, phone you answer…. literally everything you do… is part of the adjustment. It doesn’t get better than that. What a gift it is to be a Principled CA.

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