Doing Good Things For Others

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Power is the ability to do good things for others” – Brook Astor

Today began with the crew having breakfast with Juan Carlos Navarro Q., the Mayor of Panama City. All of the chiropractors received a certificate of recognition from the government of Panama. It was very exciting start of the day. That was followed by adjusting the entire staff of the hotel before leaving for our three morning locations.

By the time we arrived to adjust, the lines where down the street and around the corners. If you had just been passing by you may have thought people were gathered to attend a sporting event, it was just incredible.

chiropractic mission 2000

I had an absolutely deep experience today. Mid afternoon I was taken to the women’s correctional facility of Panama (the prison) to adjust several hundred inmates and guards. After quite some time of security precautions and preparations, I was taken to a location within the compound where individuals where brought in to be adjusted. I don’t have time to write about it now but it was one of the most interesting chiropractic experiences I have ever had.

After we all re-grouped at the end of the day, we were taken to see some fantastic Panamanian folk dancing. So much energy and excitement, this is such a beautiful country despite the constant rain and thunder storms we are having this time of year. The weather only seems to add to the energy of releasing that “imprisoned impulse.”

Join us tomorrow for more news and highlights from Panama and have a power packed day where ever you may be.

Check back tomorrow for dates and times of the CNN coverage of the chiropractic mission to Panama. @ 4:50 pm | Article ID: 971913024