The Simplicity of Chiropractic

by Dr. David Klein, D.C.

I have been a chiropractor for over 15 years. When I went to Chiropractic College, there was an incredible complexity taught. At the time, it appeared that the goal of our college was to make us as much as possible like medical doctors. The implied thought was that there was something sacred or ultra important about the medical profession. In fact at that time, there was a huge push throughout the chiropractic profession to make us fit into the mainstream health care system of the time.

Body ABC'sI struggled through school to understand all of this information and how I would use it to help people. We had to study how to diagnose cancer, do a pap smear, set up electrical devices to the same frequency used by Russian Physical Therapists, and how to identify the various small parts of the brain. It was an incredible marathon of detail.

The funny part was that a few months before I graduated from chiropractic college, a great chiropractor by the name of C.J. Mertz came to speak to our school. He talked of simple things. He explained how the brain talked to the body, and the body talked to the brain. He invited us all to come to his office to learn more. I was fascinated by the simplicity and profoundness of what he said. He sat me down, face to face, knee to knee and told me about a condition that had reached epidemic proportions in the world’s population, and how chiropractors could correct it. He explained how bones become stuck, and pinch nerves, and how those nerves carry signals from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain, and how if those nerves are pinched, the body will not work right.

At that moment, after a $100,000 chiropractic education, 3 months before I graduated, I understood for the first time what chiropractic was. I will be forever indebted to C.J. for those simple words.

It is with that simplicity I have written my chiropractic cartoon books that have been read by so many thousands of people. They are my gift to the world for generations to come, so others can learn the simple truth that I did, of how to be healthy.

May you find a simple path to health and stay on it! Dr. David Klein D.C.

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