What happened on Thursday?

What happened to Thursday’s chiropractic news coverage from Panama? Our apologies for not having news of the day posted, it was an interesting day to say the least.

As you may have heard, CNN was coming to cover news of the chiropractic mission in Panama. Cameras and reporters from CNN arrived at the main adjusting stadium at about 10:00am, one hour into the adjusting flow.

Happy Sigafoose

Dr. Luis Ocon and Lina Ocon were interviewed by CNN and then cameras zoomed in on the miracles that were taking place across the adjusting floor. Drs. James Sigafoose, Luke Cohen, and others, were filmed for about an hour and then numbers of people provided testimonials for the cameras.

After the cameras left the stadium, three chiropractors headed off for the men’s correctional facility (prison) outside of Panama city intent on turning on the power there. Now it was time for the Panama news crews to go into action. A news crew from channel 4 filmed the entire adjusting session at the men’s prison and it became the feature news story on the 6 o’clock news which aired nation wide.

The hotel the chiropractors were staying in was a buzz just moments after the news aired and the night was a night of fame for those featured on the news.

We plan to bring you news tomorrow, a special weekend edition, but the mission is still in swing and we don’t know if an internet connection will be available just yet. Check back Saturday and Sunday for the latest updates.

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