Working Hard To “Get It”

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

After nine days of the flu/jet lag from hell, I can see why people take drugs. I haven’t been more tempted in many years. Sometimes, I suppose, it’s good to get this kind of perspective. When we fret and moan about people “not getting it” I’m not sure if we fully appreciate the multitudinous challenges inherent in such an endeavor. Fear, programming, peer pressure, family pressure, media bombardment, and clue-lessness all come into play.

In traveling around the world, I’m not so sure how many chiropractors really “get it” (tho things look pretty good for the principle in Spain… maybe it will carry back over the pond). And lately, I’ve been uncertain at times about myself. After so many years of immersing myself in the principle, so many years of teaching and preaching it, so many years of meditating and praying and reading and listening and surrendering, I still entertain less than principled thots. Generally I quickly banish them to the scrap heap, but they are there nonetheless. At these times it can seem as if absolutely no one “gets it.” Thank God I am surrounded with angels who help me thru these times (and I include you!).

This past week has been an incredible example. I counted at least 26 of my practice folks who, after observing the readily apparent shittiness of my physical condition, made some remark such as, “oh, you’re getting well I see”, or, “Innate is on the job”, or, “are you loving your mucus?” Evidently I’ve been spreading the word. Then, just before my health talk Wednesday night, one of the attendees arrived for the talk having just sprained his ankle. After hearing his request for ice, one of my regular folks offered, “why, are you suffering from a lack of ice?” Gotta love it! Finally, my CA was late the other day because when she picked her son up from school, another boy had gotten his head split open in some school yard shenanigans, and she decided to stay with him until his mother arrived. When the boy’s mother did arrive, she turned out to be one of our practice folks, and after quickly determining that the condition was not life-threatening, her first remark was, “well, we better bring you over to Dr. Stew for an adjustment!” Wow.

This type of thing doesn’t happen in such abundance every week. Was it coincidental that it happened when I needed it the most? Ha! It’s been just another example of the magnificent love with which God cares for me. Maybe the Rolling Stones were right. I can’t always get what I want (I just want to feel better!!!!), but when I try sometime (do the work to share the message, to open, to surrender, to become aware, etc.), I most certainly find I get what I need. So, onwards thru the mucus I keep on keepin’ on! @ 6:59 am | Article ID: 1034603985