Law Number Four For Practice Growth

By Dr. Shawn Powers

Initiative & Willingness

I hope you had as much fun celebrating Founder’s Day as I did. I am so thankful to be a chiropractor and am so indebted to those who forged the way. Take time this month to be mindful of the struggles and rededicate yourself to being a paradigm pioneer. We can change this world.

One of our greatest fears needs to be fear of complacency. To grow our practices we need to be action oriented. Even if it seems we have made a mistake we must get up and change our strategy – never quit until we die. I find it is easier to avoid complacency when I look at life as a seminar. No failures, just lessons.

In order to grow the practice all of our teammates must have a willingness to work and initiate. We must be able to fight inertia that can limit our potential. We must rise to the level of self-motivation, not waiting for someone else, but doing what we know needs to be done, even when we don’t want to. That alone will grow you’re your practice faster than anything!

To initiate and have the willingness to go to the next level it is imperative to give ourselves permission to feel awkward when learning something new and be willing to go for it, knowing that mistakes are inevitable and they are learning experiences. You cannot grow your practice if you are holding back!

Make a decision today that you will not wait for success – success never knocks on the door, but opportunity does. Be sure you are aware and taking advantage of the opportunities that surround you everywhere. Decide today that you will do everything you can to make your practice grow – everything!

Until we meet again, may angels guard and guide you, beauty surround you, love enfold you, and may all God’s blessings be yours.

I am yours in guarding the sacred trust,
Dr. Shawn Powers

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