An Adjustment Can Change An Attitude

By Super CA Lynne

I would like to tell you about a New Patient that I had this week. He opened the front door walked in like a kicked dog hiding behind a mop of long curly hair. His skin was the color of putty and his teeth grey. I stood up and I took him into the NP office and introduced myself. His first comment, I saw a chiropractor 15 years ago, all he did was throw me down on the table crack me and said good-bye. I had a headache for 3 weeks after and I swore I would never go again so I don’t know what I am doing here now.

There was a time I would have thought, wow this guy is a real A-hole and why is he wasting my time, but because I know the power of a Chiropractic adjustment I jumped up and said, “Burt (not his real name), your life is about to change. Chiropractic changed my life and it can change yours too if you let it.”

As we started to go through his case history I could tell he was a very angry guy. He was slouched over in his chair, never looked at me just stared at the wall. My heart was racing, because I knew he had come to the right place and we were about to start making a difference in his life. As he finished telling me his tales of woe, I got right in front of him looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Burt, you have the worst attitude to anyone I have ever met.” He looked at me and said, “Yeah, well I’m ready to die, I can’t stand to live this way no more.”

I asked him about his wife and if he had any kids. “Nope, not yet but probably soon”, was his reply. What do you mean? “Yeah, well she’s takin’ injections and this is our last time, we’ve done it four times.”

“Do you really feel you are capable of being a father right now?” I asked. ‘m not sure, I have been thinking about that a lot lately, if I’ll even be able to get on the floor and play with the kid. After 17 years of being a carpenter/house framer Burt’s body had been through a lot of challenges.

I explained again to Burt that he had come to the right place, and his life was about to change. I told him my own Chiropractic story and how I had felt like him at one point in my life and how the power of an adjustment changed my life. I explained if his abided by guidelines and schedule we set out for him his body would start to heal and some amazing changed would begin to take place and he just may have a whole new outlook on life. I told him I was going to go get Dr. D. and we would be right back.

In the mean time his wife came into the office and went into the exam room with Burt. Julie (not her real name was an extremely bubbly person, I thought oh boy, what a life she must have with him).

Dr. D. asked Burt about his previous Chiropractic experience and just what exactly he didn’t like about it. “Well I can tell you” Burt said, “It sure was nothing like this.” Nobody talked to me or asked me anything, just down on the table, crack, see ya!”

Dr. D. is absolutely awesome at making patients feel at ease. He did his exam, went over a few things with Burt to make sure he was completely relaxed and ready for an adjustment (or to have his life changed, as we all know). Burt had his adjustment sat up on the table and an amazing transformation took place. It made me think of the Grinch, Burt actually smiled yes, he smiled. I got tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat.

We told him the Chiropractic truth, we didn’t waver, we didn’t care if he got mad, we knew it would make a difference it ALWAYS DOES!!!

Burt came out and booked his next appointment, as he got to the door he turned said good-bye and smiled at me again, I yelled see, look at that smile.

WOW, that’s what it’s all about, being able to go home at the end of a realllllllllly long day and thanking God that he chose me to be a Chiropractic Assistant. Before I close my eyes at night giving thanks that He once again gave me the strength to do what I do every day and also thanks for the precious gift of a principled DC that has helped my be what I am today by making me a part of him.

Always remember what a big part you play in changing the world, don’t ever forget how very special you are.

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