Automating Chiropractor Listings

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

How do you rank top chiropractors and give all local chiropractors a chance to be in the number one position? Some people could care less about how others rank, as long as their business ranks number one, when it comes to organic search results. What we’ve been seeking to do with the chiropractic directory pages that appear on Planet Chiropractic is to ensure that all chiropractors have an opportunity to be in that number one slot when people come searching for chiropractors in a particular area. Starting with the state of California, we are testing several formats for listing information, so chiropractors be on the lookout for changes to come to your cities and state listings.

Directory listings continue to be free, and a modified inclusion form for new chiropractors is in development for summer release. Take a look at Chiropractor Ventura to see what is in the works (screenshots below).

Chiropractor Ventura

Looking at the screenshot shown above, I’ve highlighted five different chiropractic office addresses in the Ventura California area. We are testing a script that automates five listings but we’d love to be presenting 12 listings for each standard city. There is another model in the works for large metro areas. We’ve tested five listings, we’ve tested seven listings, we’ve tested three listings, single listings and 12 listings. I like 12 chiropractic results since it provides the most information, although I scanning study showed users focused their attention on the first three listings shown on the page.

Chiropractor Ventura

The fact that people are drawn to the top 3 listings on a page affects the other chiropractors appearing in the dataset (not necessarily in a positive way). Traditional directories run listings in alphabetical order, or by who pays the most, or a combination of both. What we’ve accomplished with a randomized listing system is the ability to pull from a list of chiropractors that may practice in a particular region, delivering varying results on an individual user basis, daily basis, weekend basis, etc. The awesomeness of this is (and we didn’t realize until it was being tested) bringing up results in the top slots for chiropractors open on weekends, when people search on a Saturday or Sunday. That’s good for user experience.

We have been doing this on the Chiropractic Schools Review pages for a few years now, so that all chiropractic schools in the United States receive equal presentation on the homepage, none of the schools pay for positional placement. Now that we have a way to implement a similar engine for Doctor of Chiropractic listings, we’re motivated to rock ‘n roll the new features.

With office information being listed in no particular order, the number one listing could become the number five listing, the number three listing could become the number two listing, etc. Thanks to all the chiropractors who participated in helping us test listings, and endured the numerous phone calls from my staff, your efforts are much appreciated. @ 10:14 pm | Article ID: 1276146915