April Playboy GoDaddy Girl Candice Michelle and Chiropractic Husband

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If for some reason you did not catch my article last week, Candice Michelle, wife of West Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich, is featured on (and in) this months (April) issue of Playboy. I guess we can consider this a Planet Chiropractic exclusive since, even though Candice has probably had one hundred plus interviews, no one that I know has interviewed Dr. Ken Gee, Candices chiropractor husband.

Candice Michelle & Dr. Ken GeeCandice is known to many as the GoDaddy.com girl and is probably most famous in the world of WWE Wrestling. She was featured in the 2005 Superbowl GoDaddy commercial in which her top suffered from a wardrobe malfunction. For those that have no clue what GoDaddy is, they are primarily a domain registrar (a place that registers your website domain – like planetc1.com) but over the past few years they have added a ton of other web-type services. I recommend GoDaddy to Chiropractors frequently for web services, but this article is not about them, it is about Dr. Ken Gee and Candice.

Things are really heating up for the chiropractic couple. When I first emailed Dr. Ken Gee about this interview the magazine had not even arrived in stores yet. I received a listing today via email of the top searched terms on the internet during the past 48 hours and “Candice Michelle” was listed at #193, just under “Christina Aguilera” who came in at 192. That may mean nothing to a lot of folks but it is HUGE in internet related search terms.

There are only a handful of names (Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Angelina Jolie) that appear in the top 100 and I don’t think that those ladies are married to any chiropractors that I know of. Interestingly, I have seen chiropractic related press over the years on nearly every person that showed up on the list, that would be quite an article if I gathered all the celebrity info. Speaking of celebs, I was talking to Dr. Ehrlich just last week and he was telling me up to 20 fans are at the arrival of every flight his wife is on. That number is bound to go up during the next month. (I’m still waiting for a limo driver to one day have my name on a sign.)

So just what does this have to do with chiropractic other than the two being married?
I thought it would be neat to interview Dr. Ken Gee “Playboy Style” and ask about his dislikes, likes, and thoughts on the whole magazine thing.

PC: Where did you go to school?
Dr. Ken: College at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Chiropractic college at Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles.

PC: How did you two meet?
Dr. Ken: We meet at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. It was the first weekend Candice moved to Los Angeles from Wisconsin, to pursue her modeling/actress career, now 7 years ago.

PC: When did you two get married?
Dr. Ken: We were married on Saturday, May 7, 2005

PC: How often is Candice receiving chiropractic care?
Dr. Ken: She gets adjusted everyday she is home: 1-4 times per week

PC: Are you adjusting wrestlers?
Dr. Ken: Yes, almost all of them get adjusted. A few are shy because they have had spinal surgeries. They warm up to the idea of chiropractic and not feeling like crap constantly.

PC: Can we mention any events you have adjusted at?
Dr. Ken: I have adjusted (chiropractic care) at several WWE events and I will be adjusting at this years Wrestlemania in Chicago, March 30 through April 2nd. This is like their Superbowl and is the biggest pay per view event in the world.

PC: Where is your chiropractic office?
Dr. Ken: West LA, California — office phone: 866-FIX-BACKS or 310-479-1166

PC: What are your thoughts on the April Playboy issue?
Dr. Ken: It looks awesome. This has been a dream of hers since before we met and now that it has manifested it just shows all the hard work she has done. Candice has always wanted the cover because they typically only give it to celebrities. I guess she is a celebrity now, pretty weird, she’s the same girl I fell in love with years ago, she just spends more money!

PC: What have things been like?
Dr. Ken: It hasn’t really hit yet. Candice is very well known in the wrestling world so she doesn’t get noticed much except by WWE fans. But I’m sure when people get their hands on this April issue it’s going to be out of control. Right now, when I pick her up from the airport she will have anywhere from 5-20 fans waiting for her with her pictures. It’s kind of freaky how they know which flight she is on.

PC: OK, I have to do the playboy one, Likes and Dislikes?
Dr. Ken: Likes — Spending precious time with my wife even if we don’t do anything, new patients, working out, skateboarding and drinking with you at the bar. OK, you can leave that last one out. (PC: that’s alright, we only drink water)
Dr. Ken: Dislikes — Insurance companies, drug companies, and dogs that shed.

PC: What plans do you two have for the future?
Dr. Ken: We are planning to move into a larger house near the beach, take more time off to relax, have kids in about 5 years and to: Make a positive mental, physical, and emotional impact on masses of lives by releasing the body’s natural incredible power to heal and function at optimal levels. Oh yeah, and to make people smile.

Chiropractors very own PlayBoy CoverGirl - Candice Michelle!

Thanks Dr. Ken Gee! We’ll be back in touch soon to get an update. You can get in contact with Ken Gee at… The Good Chiropractor, 11945 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles, CA 90025

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