When you know what a BIG difference you are making

By Super CA Lynne

I had a nice compliment this morning, probably one of the best compliments a Super CA can ever receive. When I finished with a new patient she shook my hand and told me she could tell I just loved what I did and that we had an awesome chiropractic office. What a great way to start the day!

I’m sure you, Super CA, have all had this same compliment in your offices. Doesn’t it just give you a warm fuzzy when you know what a BIG difference you are making. We all need to know we are doing a great job. “When you love what you do it shows.” We are all so blessed to be doing what we do everyday. There are so many in this world that wake up each day to a world of uncertainty. You may not be working in an office or with a DC that makes you happy each day but it is always your choice to make the most of your day. “The only things that can affect me are the things I let effect me.”

Each day we are given a choice as to how our day will turn out, now I know there will always be circumstances beyond our control. There will always be something or someone out there just dying to get under our skin. It’s your reaction to those situations that will determine your day’s outcome.

We have all driven behind someone that was out for a Sunday drive on a Monday morning at 6:30 am when you are rushing to work. There will always be someone in the checkout line with 15 items in the 10 or less line. There will always be a debit machine that runs out to money just as we step up to it. There will always be an empty spot on the shelf where that one item is supposed to be that you need to make supper.

There will always be laundry, line ups, taxes, Mother-in-laws, dirty windows, toilets that need to be scrubbed, bills, cloudy days, alarm clocks, sky rocketing gas prices but… there will also always be you… a SUPER CA and Chiropractic… out there to change someone’s life by showing you love what you do everyday and by knowing that you make a difference!

I love you because you love what I love…loving…serving…giving…
Chiropractic is Life!!!
Hugzzzzz Super CA Lynne

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