Ginormous and other new dictionary words for chiropractic practice

by Daria Belov

If you’ve been running out of things to say while adjusting your chiropractic patients, never fear, Merriam-Webster has 100 new dictionary words for your linguistic pleasure. They have a list of the new terms on their m-w website. You can view them at… New Words 2007

Don’t be an old fuddy-duddy chiropractor that is not up on the latest lingo. I have put some of the new words being added into sentences so you can get to using them right away.

First on the list is ginormous, a combination of the words gigantic and enormous. Many uses for that word in chiropractic. Here are some examples… It’s a ginormous chiropractic office, there’s over 3200 square feet of open adjusting space. Wow, that adjustment was ginormous! Big Pharma drug advertising is ginormous, they are spending billions.

Next on the list is crunk, a word used to define southern based rap or hip hop music. Sometimes crunk is used to mean intoxicated, combining the words crazy and drunk. Best definition I know of is by the rap artist Lil Jon who defines crunk as a state of heightened excitement.

Here are some examples… We won’t be playing any crunk in this chiropractic office, it scares our Medicare patients. Some chiropractors do know how to party. Monday through Friday may be wheat grass and vegetables, but on the weekend some get crunk and tear up the town. That chiropractor is crunk!

DVR is a word being added to the dictionary, and it’s not to define Downward Vertebral Rotation. In the dictionary sense, DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, a device used to record video in a digital format to a disk drive or other medium.

Here are some examples… I’ve been saving all my favorite Planet Chiropractic videos on my DVR so I can watch them when I’m not online. Don’t take more than one educational subluxation pamphlet from our front office, our DVR security system is watching!

Smackdown is another word being added. A smackdown is the act of knocking down or bringing down an opponent and it’s commonly used in entertainment wrestling. Chiropractic wife Candice Michelle probably uses the term often.

Some examples… That was a nasty smackdown, she is seriously going to need a chiropractor after that! I don’t want some wimpy chirowannabe adjustment, give me one of those ginormous smackdown style moves and set my pelvis right.

IED or improvised explosive device is being added to the dictionary as well. It’s primarily a term to define a bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action. It’s an unlikely term for the chiropractic office so we’ll just keep it out of our chirolexicon for now.

Last on our list is spizzerinctum or the shortened term spizz. Only kidding, spizzerinctum is not a new word, it is a term made popular by BJ Palmer around the 1910s to 1920s which refers to chiropractic enthusiasm or excitement about chiropractic.

In some examples… That chiropractor is loaded with spizzerinctum, his adjustments could make a bald man grow hair like a collie dog! You have no chiropractic practice without spizzerinctum, everything else is just mechanics. Great chiropractors are loaded with spizz, they are magnetic and abundant energy flows through every cell of their being.

Turn down the crunk, turn on the DVR so you don’t miss WWE Smackdown, get your ginormous head out of your IED butt, and get some spizzerinctum in your life! @ 10:25 am | Article ID: 1184174747