January 2007 Chiropractic News Flashbacks

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve noticed an increased amount of lists from 2007, top 10 articles of 2007, “best of” styled articles, and reviews from the year gone by on various websites. We’ve never really done month end reviews on Planet Chiropractic but after taking a look at some of the articles that appeared at the beginning of this year I noticed several that new readers may have passed up. Don’t expect me to do a review of every month in 2007 (I’m getting ready to go on vacation) but I’ll scan through some of the years previous articles and compile some kind of a list.

hands on spinal check I don’t know what we were thinking on the first of January of 2007. It was the first Monday of the year (and a holiday) and we managed to put out an article. The article was authored by Michael Moore and the topic was making Chiropractic Health choices in 2007. The piece is just as good today as it was the first day of this year. Michael wrote about the importance of oxygen, water, nutrition, elimination, and homeostasis in 2007. Certainly worth a reread.

On January 16, 2007 there was an article regarding the top 10 chiropractic states according to site search data found after reviewing log files on Planet Chiropractic. I haven’t yet checked State data for the end of the year but I believe this would make a good follow-up. Interesting to see how yellow page representatives will handle advertising for small businesses like chiropractic offices in the early 2008 season. My gut says they will focus even more heavily on Pay per Click and directory advertising, and will focus less on marketing of their print publications.

There was a related post appearing in the chiropractic blogs regarding state results, with a greater focus on the state of California, and a review of related local search data.

On January 22, 2007 there was an article published by Dr. Darrel Crain of San Diego. Crains article on The germ theory of life drew the attention of many (as his articles often do) as Dr. Crain has a different viewpoint on the theory of germs, than one may typically expect.

Nothing like some good old-fashioned Chiropractic and Chocolate for a Healthy Heart, a January 25th article talked about the upcoming Valentine’s Day, some recent research on the benefits of consuming dark chocolate, and the role chiropractic plays in maintaining a healthy heart and nervous system.

The end of January is a great time to feature articles related to the Super Bowl and on January 26th Planet Chiropractic had a piece on Super Bowl XLI and how chiropractors were keeping super busy. The article was spurred by a recent interview that had appeared in the New Yorker, which featured former New York Giants running back, Tiki Barber, and his biweekly schedule of chiropractic care.

A jump back over to the chiropractic blog section I noticed there was a January 29 post regarding an open-source software platform that provided Synergy for Better Ergonomics. I remember when the piece was created I was testing out some new voice dictation software and the title was recognized as synergy-for-better-economics (instead of a ergonomics). Synergy is still available via open source, check the blog post for details.

In the beginning of 2007, did you have an answer to What does RSS stand for? While chiropractors may have been referring to Really Subluxated Spine, the blog post was meant to educate those new to Really Simple Syndication and how it was being used on the web site. RSS use grew throughout the year and Planet Chiropractic continues to provide at least 3 types of Chiropractic RSS Feeds. There are currently feeds for news, feeds for classified ads, and feeds for blogs.

I’m checking the February and March archives to see what else we may have passed up from earlier in the year.

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