SCT Hotel Information – AZ – NV – NY – CA – FL

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This post relates specifically to chiropractors attending Schofield Chiropractic Trainings in 2008. I do most of our chiropractor interviews for Planet Chiropractic while attending these events so you can expect to find me at these locations throughout the year.

Candace KenGee MichaelTempe Mission Palms – Arizona
Tempe is one of my favorite places to visit since its a college town and there’s plenty to do. There are going to be events there on February 16, October 4, and December 6, of 2008.

LaGuardia Marriott – New York
I’m less frequently at the LaGuardia Marriott since I’m not crazy about flying from Los Angeles and back on the weekends. It’s a well attended event and I do plan to be there for at least two of the four scheduled weekends. There are chiropractor trainings on February 9, May 3, September 13, and November 8, of 2008.

There is a training event in Florida at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Deerfield Beach on March 8, 2008. Weather the last three years has been great during this weekend and I’ll be hoping for some warm sunshine again, especially for those of you coming down from the East Coast and the Midwest. There’s also going to be another training in 2008 at the Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas during the weekend of April 11, 2008. I’ll definitely be in Vegas and we’re planning to do a number of video shoots that weekend. Get in touch with me in advance if you’ll be in town.

Two more chiropractic trainings taking place in Arizona include a June 7 date at the Carefree Resort in Carefree, Arizona. There is also an event at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa on August 2, 2008. Biltmore is located in Scottsdale and it’s a spectacular hotel. It will be hot in August but it’s sure to be good times.

There is only one training scheduled in the state of California for 2008 and that’s going to be at the Waterfront Plaza in Oakland, California, on September 20. If my luck goes well they’ll be a Raiders home game on Sunday, September 21, 2008. Will have to just wait and see.

These are not the only conferences I’m attending in 2008, but they are ones I am already planning to be at. Some related posts include information about 2008 chiropractic schedules, summer education, and details on chiropractic continuing education. As far as this chiropractic blog is concerned, two categories to pay attention to when it comes to conferences are the events category and seminars category. Check out the seminars and events database for the complete list of 2008 conferences and events.