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Chiropractic Rocks Reno Nevada 2019

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I am so excited with the chiropractic events I’m seeing on the calendar for 2019 in the US. So many awesome opportunities for chiropractors (and staff) to gather with our family and get filled with spizzerinctum and vitalistic energy.

There’s a rocking chiropractic seminar taking place in March that I wanted everyone to know about. It’s going to be held at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada (spectacular location for a chiropractic conference) on March 28-30 2019.

Fred Schofield Chiropractic RocksPhoto (by Michael Dorausch, D.C.): Dr. Fred Schofield speaks to a fired up crowd.

Chiropractic Rocks Reno – March 28-30 2019

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
2500 E 2nd St, Reno, NV 89595

This is a 3 day (Thursday – Friday – Saturday) chiropractic conference.

For those seeking continuing education hours, this event features 14 hours possible CE in 44 states and Canada. CEs have been applied for or are already approved. As always, I recommend DCs check with their state to see what applies and what does not.

The Chiropractic Rocks! events are the brainchild of southern California chiropractor, Dr. Adam J. Del Torto. I absolutely love what Dr. Del Torto is doing, and I know personally how putting on chiropractic events of this size is no easy task. I’m thankful that chiropractors like him are carrying the torch.

Leslie Hewitt Chiropractor CCAPhoto (by Michael Dorausch, D.C.) Dr. Leslie Hewitt (former CCA President) speaking at a chiropractic conference.

I’ve attended several great chiropractic events at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno. It’s an easy airport to fly to from LAX, and it makes for a great chiropractic road trip if you choose to drive. I remember one year a group of chiropractors in Orange County chartered a bus for a CCA chiropractic event at the same hotel. Talk about dedication.

This conference features a stellar lineup of speakers, including some of my favorites. I may not have included everyone but here is a list of who you can expect to see in Reno.

Jonathan Verderame, Amanda Apfelblat, Susan Blaskay, Anthony Carrino, Barbara Eaton, Neil Cohen, Travis Corcoran, Hailey Jules, Tristan Schaub, Ryan Reider, Jon Petric, James Chester, Peter Morgan, Liam Schubel, Miles Bodzin, Leslie Hewitt, Ron Oberstein, Gus Domenico, George Curry, Del Bigtree, Tim Gay, Dennis Perman, Cliff Tao, Bharon Hoag, Adam Del Toro, Eric Mckillican, Shawn Dill, Ed Osburn, Fred Schofield, Mark Feldman

There will be opening ceremonies on Thursday and breaks provided between the blocks of speaker sessions.

There’s an exhibitor party (Thursday) and an exhibitor bar hour (Friday Night).

There are closing ceremonies and a chiropractic party on Saturday night.

When not in the hotel, get outside for some fresh air and maybe run (or walk) alongside the Truckee River, which is right outside the hotel.

While I added the Reno Chiropractic Rocks event on the events pages, you can go directly to the Chiropractic Rocks site for all the information you require to get registered.

Mark your calendars and get ready to rock!

Room 1 Chiropractic Seminar Las Vegas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m excited to share news about an upcoming chiropractic seminar that features some of my favorite speakers. The event is taking place in Las Vegas (a great location for conferences) on April 19th and 20th, 2019.

room 1 chiropractic seminar 2019

I don’t receive as many postcards as I used to for chiropractic seminars but I’m glad I received this one. It’s not the 14 hours of continuing education credit that got me excited (although CE credits at an event like this is awesome). It’s not that the event is in Las Vegas, one of my favorite places for attending conferences, yet that excites me too. It’s not even the speakers, although seeing some of my favorite chiropractic people sharing decades of wisdom at a weekend event is something I love. So what is it?

Vibrational Tone

I’ve known several of these individuals for 2 – 3 decades, and they live and breath chiropractic. You could attend an event with them, wearing earplugs and an eye mask, and your practice would grow. They may talk about topics approved for CE, but if you listen (with your heart) you will hear so much more.

The event is held at the Westin Las Vegas Hotel and Spa (address below) which is just off the center of the Las Vegas Strip. I’ve attended chiropractic events here before. The conference rooms aren’t huge so everyone can gather in one central setting (I find this is KEY). The hotel isn’t huge (and isn’t focused on gambling) which increases the likeliness you can chat/dine with speakers and other attendees.

Speakers have been asked to remain in the conference room for others sessions, which significantly increases tonal vibration and allows for manifestation from higher planes. I have found this is one of the biggest secrets to hosting a powerful event, and the organizer has obviously discovered that too.

Let’s take a look at the postcards other side, addressed to my practice in Los Angeles.

While there’s going to be much more discussed, the highlighted CE stuff features…

  • Spine Modeling Studies
  • Clinical Chiropractic
  • Chiropractic Protocol
  • Evaluating the Whole Patient
  • Dementia and Brain Health
  • Nervous System and Subluxation
  • Pediatric Chiropractic

As you can see on the postcard the event is $247 (for DCs) and dates are April 19 and April 20, 2019. Rate is likely an early bird rate so be sure to get on it if you are attending.

I have attended a lot of chiropractic events and have had the good fortune to make incredible friendships as a result. I am truly hoping you have that opportunity as well.

john bergman chiropractorOn the postcard I saw that Dr. John Bergman was speaking (awesome). I know John all the way back to my chiropractic school days at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles.

He was excited about chiropractic then and he’s excited about chiropractic today.

He’s been featured on Planet Chiropractic before as part of our Business Card Karma series (August 2008 Edition) and during photo ops (with his son Michael) and his big red Ford F150 Chiropractor Truck.

Reminds me to do an updated post on chiropractors and their trucks.

Dan Yachter Chiropractor The first time I saw Dr. Dan Yachter speak was at a Florida Chiropractic Society event in the 1990s. He is credited on Planet Chiropractic all the way back in August 2000 (it’s Chiropractic!) stating “We have a moral obligation to preserving the principles upon which chiropractic was founded and developed.”

I’ve seen and been inspired by so many principled chiropractors from Florida and Dr. Dan is one of them. It motivates me today that he still talks the TIC.

His unlimited energy and enthusiasm is what I’m talking about with vibrational tone, be in the room with him to experience what I speak of.

Dr. Dan Yachter is a co-founder of Elevation Health, and he practices in Lake Mary, Florida.

Dr Fred and Susan Schofield

Two of my favorite people in the world of chiropractic are Dr. Fred and Susan Schofield. Not only can you learn a lot about practicing chiropractic from them, you can learn about living.

Dr. Fred came to the US in 1978 to pursue his goal of becoming a chiropractor in America. He has helped countless people along the way. I’ve seen Susan and Dr. Fred speak more times than I can count and it’s always a delight to be in their presence.

Together, they have operated one of the biggest high volume chiropractic practices in the US, and they have seen it all. If you have any questions about chiropractic procedures and practice I’d sit near them at this event.

I don’t know if the post card had the full speaker list but on it included…

  • John Bergman, DC
  • Susan Schofield
  • Deed Harrison DC
  • Ben Lerner, DC
  • Fred Schofield, DC
  • Bobby Doscher, DC
  • Marc Harris, MD
  • Tom McFie, DC PhD
  • Dean DePice DC
  • Peter Camiolo, DC
  • Dan Yachter, DC

I could search the pages of Planet Chiropractic and find times I’ve listened to all the these individuals speak, but not likely at a single event. This will indeed be one room where you want to be in.

Get more information on the Room 1 Chiropractic Seminar 2019 page in the Chiropractic Seminars section of this site, or visit them directly at Room 1 Las Vegas. If you call to register (844-975-4321) tell them Dr. Michael Dorausch received his postcard.

Have an awesome day and thanks for doing what you do!

PS: Las Vegas hotel address is 160 E Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89109


Science of Chiropractic and Lifestyle Seminars

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Dr. James Chestnut’s Science of Chiropractic and Lifestyle Seminars are coming to Las Vegas starting in April 2019. Each module is a stand alone 12 hour Continuing Education approved seminar. The Evidence-based Chiropractic and Wellness Lifestyle Certification Program (C.C.W.P.) Module One begins April 6 – 7, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

chiropractic wellness lifestyle certification

In these seminars, you will learn how to communicate and educate patients and potential patients about the importance of chiropractic and lifestyle in an easy, systematic and effective way that increases compliance and results and practice success.

Do you want to have total understanding and confidence regarding the evidence-based clinical benefits and neurophysiological effects of:

  • Chiropractic adjustment / SMT.
  • Healthy nutrition and essential nutrient supplementation.
  • Spinal and overall exercise and fitness.
  • Healthy thoughts and attitudes and social environments.

Module 1 – The Science, Paradigm, and Clinical Application of Evidence-Based/Informed Chiropractic – The relationship between chiropractic, movement, NMS function, autonomic function, allostasis, and health. Implementing Evidence-Based/Informed patient assessment, reports, intervention, and education for Recovery, Wellness, and Prevention. Chiropractic made easy and systematic for doctors, staff, and patients.

“The information in these seminars not only provided scientific certainty regarding the need and value of chiropractic, it also provided evidence-based and practical nutrition, physical fitness, and psychological fitness advice that my patients love and actually follow! This program made me, my family, and my patients healthier. Best of all the info and implementation strategies are systematized, efficient, and super easy to implement, have grown my practice, and significantly improved my bottom line! As Dr. Chestnut says, what is more evidence-based and effective than chiropractic and lifestyle – NOTHING!” – Dr. Cory Webb, St. Louis, MO

Dr. James L. Chestnut has been studying human wellness and prevention for over 30 years. He holds a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, a Master of Science degree in exercise physiology with a specialization in neuromuscular adaptation, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and holds a post-graduate Certification in Wellness Lifestyle. He is a peer-review published scientist and author, and an award-winning book author and lecturer. Dr. Chestnut is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on evidence-based chiropractic and lifestyle intervention and has been featured as a chiropractic and lifestyle expert in several documentaries.

Visit The Wellness Practice to get registered.

2013 Tong & Associates Continuing Education Seminars

Seeking continuing education credits in the state of California or Nevada? I’ve done Tong & Associates Continuing Education Seminars a few times in past years and found the program to be worthwhile. Sharing what I received in the mail recently for chiropractors that may have not heard of this series before.

Tong Seminar Dates & Locations2013 Tong & Associates Continuing Education Seminars
Southern CA | Northern CA | Central CA | Nevada
Co-Sponsor: Cleveland Chiropractic College

Seminar Dates, Series & Locations

4/13 Saturday A Monterrey
4/18 Thursday A Woodland Hills
4/25 Thursday A Buena Park
5/04 Saturday A Reno, NV
5/09 Thursday A Fresno, CA
5/11 Saturday B San Diego
5/18 Saturday A Ontario
5/23 Thursday B San Jose
5/30 Thursday B Burbank
6/01 Saturday A Hacienda Hts
6/06 Thursday A Santa Ana
6/08 Saturday A Pleasant Hill
6/15 Saturday B Camarillo
6/27 Thursday A Las Vegas
7/11 Thursday A Torrance
7/18 Thursday A San Rafael
7/20 Saturday B Stockton

7/25 Thursday B Moreno Valley
7/27 Saturday B Woodland Hills
8/03 Saturday A Monrovia
8/08 Thursday B Monterey
8/10 Saturday B San Luis Obisbo
8/15 Thursday B Garden Grove
8/22 Thursday A San Jose
8/24 Saturday B Roseville
9/07 Saturday A Burbank
9/14 Saturday A Oxnard
9/19 Thursday B Buena Park
9/21 Saturday B Ontario
9/28 Saturday A Oakland
10/5 Saturday C San Diego
10/10 Thursday C Fresno, CA
10/12 Saturday C Palm Desert
10/19 Saturday B Hollywood

Seminar Topics available: On-site/On-line
Radiologic Diagnosis/Advance Imaging: 5 CE
Victor Tong, DC, DACBR

Ethics & Law: 3 CE
Shawn Steel, ESQ, Albert Abkorion, ESQ; Victor Tong, DC

Technique: 4 CE
Leonard Faye, DC; Robert Coopeisti in, DC
James Brantingham, DC; Rick Morris, DC

Nutrition: 3 CE
G Doug Andersen, DC, CCSP; Jay Robbins, DC
Susan St Clair, DC, DACBN

Documentation, Billing & Coding: 4 CE
Thomas Freedland, DC; Michael Burke, DC

 Tong CE Chiropractor Seminars 2013

Two Seminar Series (approved by multiple states)
Registration: Call 626-383-5754 2-weeks in advance
Series A / new Series C 5 hr Radiologic Diagnosis + 3 hr Ethics & Law + 4 hr Technique
Series B 5 hr Advance Imaging + 3 hr Nutrition + 4 hr Documentation, Billing & Coding
Either A or B WILL satisfy 100% requirement when renewed before June (tech, ethics not required yet)
Package of 24 hr CE /yr at $250 if purchase two weeks in advance. Choice of all on-site or 1/2 on line.

Contact Reflex Analysis Chiropractic Seminars with Dick Versendaal

I get postcards for seminars mailed to my chiropractic office in Los Angeles on a regular basis. Nearly all the seminars are for continuing education events in the state of California but sometimes they are for other areas as well. I recently received a postcard for a Dick Versendaal Seminar which takes place near LAX in February 2013 and I later noticed that there are several 2013 dates for his series of seminars posted to the planet chiropractic seminars pages.

From what I see posted, locations for 2013 include West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, St. Louis, West Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, New Mexico, New York and Chicago. Here’s a copy of the postcard I received followed by some information regarding this form of analysis developed by Dr. Versendaal.

Dick Versendaal Contact AnalysisContact Reflex Analysis® (CRA®), simply stated, is an energy connection. It is a technique that utilizes a muscle response as an indicator and assessment of the energy status of each organ, gland, system, or structure. This energy assessment is accomplished by testing one or more reflexes, which are similar to acupuncture points and meridians, and monitoring the reactance of the muscle when in contact with these points. The more the body reacts when an energy imbalance is located, the weaker the muscle. In CRA the practitioner typically applies a single, downward push on the wrist of a patient’s outstretched arm while also making contact with a specific reflex point on the patient’s body. The gentle, but firm push is like a subtle “question” and the muscle reactivity response is the “answer.”

Dr. Dick Versendaal, DC, CRA, DCRC, DACBN is a master chiropractor who studied under and was mentored by BJ Palmer. He is an absolute genius of the synergy between the spine, organs, systems, and nutritional chemistry. Over the past 50 years he has researched, developed, and refined the subtle-energy technique called Contact Reflex Analysis™ through which one can determine the root cause of a health issue; emotional, nutritional, structural, or a combination of the three. Once the cause has been established, CRA can assist in determining most efficient and effective means of resolving the problem so wellness can be achieved. Dr. Dick Versendaal continues to care for and selflessly serve thousands of people worldwide. He has devoted his entire life to restoring hope to those who have none, and educating health professionals to do the same through Contact Reflex Analysis. His seminars are dynamic, engaging, and inspiring. They are offered around the country and open to all health professionals.

Whiplash and Spinal Trauma with Dan Murphy San Diego 2013

I received a postcard yesterday from the postgraduate and continuing education department at Life Chiropractic College West regarding a Dan Murphy Spinal Trauma seminar taking place in San Diego in January. I’ve been attending Dan Murphy seminars since I was a chiropractic student at CCCLA and I’d recommend his courses for any chiropractor.

Here’s information from the postcard as well a link to Whiplash and Spinal Trauma San Diego information posted on the chiropractic seminars pages.

whiplash spinal trauma San DiegoWhiplash and Spinal Trauma with Dan Murphy, DC

Increase your expertise and improve clinical outcomes with more thorough, confident case management and enhanced clinical records and communication skills with this special, integrative program!

January 19-20, 2013 – San Diego, CA

California Chiropractic Board Approved for 12 Hours Credit
6 hours mandatory (adjusting technique) CA-12-09-6905
6 hours general CA-12-09-6906

The Accident

  • What is injured in a motor vehicle collision?
  • Can spinal injury occur where there is little or no vehicle damage?

The Injury

  • What tissues are the source of chronic pain?
  • How does pain travel from the injured tissues to the brain?
  • How do you document whiplash posttraumatic articular stability?

Effects on the Body

  • What are the 5 principles for chronic pain syndrome?
  • How does whiplash injury affect the immune system, vision, dizziness, emotions, cognition?

Healing and Nutrition

  • How do injured soft-tissues heal?
  • What is the best treatment to heal injured spinal tissues?
  • How do we nutritionally manage pain and tissue healing?

Chiropractic’s Role

  • How do chiropractic adjustments inhibit whiplash trauma pain?
  • How can chiropractors minimize adverse post-traumatic fibrosis?
  • How does chiropractic affect the neurobiology of chronic spinal pain?

CBCE approved for 12 hours credit

Date/Time: January 19-20, 2013
Sat 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sun 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: DoubleTree San Diego
1515 Hotel Circle South, San Diego, CA 92108

Cost: $299 (price increases by $30 after Jan 11) cancellation policy applies – ask for details before registering

Register Today!
Telephone 800.788.4476 Ext 4508

Life Chiropractic College West
Postgraduate and Continuing Education
25001 Industrial Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545

January 2013 California Chiropractic Association Events

Here’s a calendar of events for Chiropractors in California during the month of January 2013. Don’t forget that CE hours requirements increase this year. I prefer to get my continuing Education hours done long before my Birthday, I’m planning to attend the 2013 CCA Annual Convention in San Diego for most (if not all) of this years hours.

January 16 – Santa Rosa
CCA – North Bay District Presents Medicare Update
Submitted for 2 CE hrs. Speaker: Cheryl Bradley, Palmetto Representative
Iron Stone Restaurant, 308 Wilson Street, Santa Rosa
To register, contact Dr. Douglas Toth at (707) 526-1390.

January 22 – Sacramento
CCA – Sacramento Valley District Presents Ethics, Law & Chiropractic
Submitted for 2 CE hrs. Speaker: Shawn Steel, Esq.
Hilton Arden West, 2200 Harvard Street, Sacramento
To register, contact Dr. Andrea Aldrich at (916) 691-9500.

January 23 – Fountain Valley
CCA – Orange County District Presents Foundations and Principles of Functional Correction and Scoliosis
Submitted for 2 hrs CE. Speaker: Roger Elmer, DC, FICSB
Claim Jumper Restaurant, 18050 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley
To register, contact Aria Hanson at (949) 793-5309

January 26 – La Quinta
CCA Chiropractic Continuing Education La Quinta Resort
Submitted for 12 hours of CE (see related post here)
La Quinta Resort & Club – 49-499 Eisenhower Drive, La Quinta, California 92253
To register, contact Mary Witcraft at (916) 648-2727

Sailboat San Diego 12491Sailboat in San Diego

Last years CCA Annual Event (2012 Photos) was also at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa, a relaxing property that is great for a chiropractic conference. See you there!

CCA Chiropractic Continuing Education La Quinta California

CCA has developed a new series of seminars for the Spring of 2013 and continues to offer FREE continuing education seminars for CCA members (and reasonable rates for non-members). All seminars offer 12 hours of CE with a variety of classes, and will be submitted for CE to the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Spring 2013 CCA Chiropractic Licensing SeminarsChiropractic Continuing Education in La Quinta California

Funtional Movement Systems – Robert George, D.C. 4 Hours (7:30am – 12:00pm)
Introduction of the Functional Movement Systems and it’s relevance to a progressive evidence based practice in a changing healthcare environment. Learn how to integrate a low tech rehab that is effective. The Functional Movement Screen, a predictive system providing a reliable seven-step screening system with three clearing tests, is designed to rank movement patterns basic to the normal function of active people.

Chiropractic Approach to Myofascial Pain – Anthony Morovati, D.C. (4 hrs) 1:00pm – 5:30pm
Learn a new approach to diagnosis, treatment and management of the most commonly seen conditions in your practice. Dr. Morovati will present a scientific, holistic, result-oriented and ethical approach for diagnosis and management of the chiropractic patient. Learn the seven steps in achieving clinical excellence and outcomes.

Adjustive Technique # – David Benevento, D.C. 4 Hours (8:00am-12noon)
Join Dr. David Benevento, a CCA past president, for an informative presentation on integrating functional evaluation testing with diversified adjustive technique. Lower and upper back and lower and upper extremities will be reviewed.

# Applicable towards CA BCE mandated CE hours for license renewals beginning June 1, 2013

Questions: Contact the CCA Conventions & Seminars Dept. – Mary Witcraft (916) 648-2727, ext 141 or [email protected]

How to Register: Call (916) 648-2727 ext 141 or 120

Non-Member Rate: Early-Bird $205 / $235 After

FREE for CCA Members: $81 deposit is required to hold your seat if you are a CCA member. Your credit card will not be charged nor your check cashed unless you are a no-show and fail to notify CCA within scheduled timeline.

Dates: Saturday/Sunday, January 26-27, 2013

La Quinta Resort & Club
49-499 Eisenhower Drive, La Quinta, California 92253

View this CCA California Continuing Education Event on the Chiropractic Seminars Pages.

Receive Attendance Credit For Chiropractic Sessions You Attend

For Chiropractors, getting continuing education (CE) credits should be an easy process, but many (myself included) have had times when they’ve jumped through quite a few hoops while at a CE seminar. Doctors want to be sure they get properly credited for CE hours attended. A large part of getting credited is knowing in advance what states are covered, what classes are covered, and how many hours are available.

At the recent Parker – CCA Seminar in San Diego, I was pleased to see how smoothly the continuing education process went. I saved notes from the event and am sharing as a way for others to get ideas as to what works. I’ll include comments afterwards.

lumbar leg check seminarLumbar Leg Check During Chiropractic Seminar

CE Instructions – MUST READ – It is very important that you follow the process below to receive attendance credit for the chiropractic sessions you attend.

AR, HI, MA, NC, NY, OK, PA, TN, WI, WY and Canada license holders – View the Exception List for specific information relating to the CE classes and your Board.

Specialty categories submitted are:

  • Ethics: Ethics in the Chiropractic Office, Anna Allen, RN (1.5 hours) NOTE: TX did NOT approve this class for the mandatory Ethics hours.
  • Risk Management: Informed Consent and the Chiropractor, Gerald Clum, DC (1.5 hours)
  • Technique: Low Back, Leg Length Part I & II, Mitch Mally, DC; The “Noisy Joint” and Adjusting the Typical Foot, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder, Mark Charrelte, DC (8 hours)
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Things DC’s Get Confused About Regarding X-Ray, James Carter, DC, DACBR (5 hours)
  1. Complete the information requested on the Attendance form. Please do so legibly as this is the information we will use to process and mail your continuing education verification to you.
  2. Attend the classes marked CE on the program (avoiding any your board may have denied or do not fit within your state rules and regulations).
  3. We are using manual stamps to track attendance. You MUST have your Attendance Form stamped as you enter and exit from the CE class period for your attendance to be recorded. Not doing so will negate hours.
  4. At the conclusion of the last CE class, once it is stamped, leave your Attendance Form with the CE Attendance Monitor.
  5. Once the seminar is over, the Parker University CE department will process your hours based on the attendance data marked for all states other than California. You will receive a copy of your attendance verification via mail following the seminar. The CCA will process verification for all California licensed doctors.

Note regarding states that do not require an application: Because of Parker’s accreditation status, some state boards do not require Parker to submit their CE programs for pre-approval. Therefore, Parker cannot guarantee that the classes we offer will automatically be approved by your board. We strongly recommend doctors from these states to be aware of your state rules and regulations regarding continuing education requirements. Specific questions should always be directed to your state board.

The above information was included in the attendee packets for chiropractors. It also included a detailed list of continuing education status for all US States as well as Providences in Canada. I really appreciated how thorough Parker Seminars and the CCA both were in relationship to providing continuing education hours for chiropractors.

Working for Planet Chiropractic I’ve traveled throughout the US and Canada to more seminars than I can remember. There’s been times I’ve been in states such as Florida or New Jersey, and discovered the classes I was sitting in on, would not be applicable towards continuing education in my state of California. Since I practice in Los Angeles, getting CE hours in my case (and others that practice in LA) is typically easiest done within the state of California. There’s quite a few chiropractic seminars in Nevada, Arizona, and other nearby states, that I like to attend. My advice is to always find out advance the following…

  • Does your seminar provide continuing education hours for my state of practice?
  • How many hours of continuing education are available for my state of practice?
  • Do you mail a certificate of completion of continuing education hours after the seminar?

In the case of CCA and Parker Seminars, I’ve never had an issue, and I’ve gotten continuing ed from both several times during the past decade. I recently received my CE completion certification letter which prompted me to post this information. It may seem like a lot of trouble to have gone through, but trust me, if you’ve ever traveled and discovered the classroom hours you attended could not be applied towards your states CE requirements, you’ll pay closer attention the next time. You may also find yourself sitting in on a one-day seminar just before your birthday when you should be out celebrating.


Got Documentation Seminars for California Chiropractors

I will be at the CCA Annual Convention and Parker Seminars next week but those are not the only chiropractic events taking place in California. A postcard came to my Los Angeles office for a chiropractic documentation seminar taking place on May 5th and 6th in Camarillo California. Check the chiropractic seminars page for Got Documentation Seminar details, or review what I’ve added here. Let’s keep chiropractors educated on the latest and greatest.

Got Documentation SeminarsGot Documentation Seminars

  • Document Well.
  • Document Fast.
  • Be Bulletproof.
  • Learn How to Prove Chiropractic Necessity.

Approved for 12 CE credits for California Chiropractors. The CEU credits for this course are approved by the University of Bridgeport. Health Sciences Postgraduate Department.

Instructor: Gregg Friedman, DC (Certified, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners 2004-2009)

Dates/Location: May 5-6, 2012 (Hampton Inn & Suites Camarillo)
50 West Daily Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 389-9898

Time: Sat. 1pm-7:30pm, Sun. 8am-2pm
Cost: $249 per doctor if paid by 4/27/12, $299 per doctor if paid after 4/27/12, $50 per each additional non-doctor staff attending with doctor
Register Now: Call 888-685-3657 (toll free 24/7)

Seminar Categories: California, Continuing Education, Documentation Got Documentation Seminars California May 2012