Next Generation of Neurological Therapy

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Among mail I received today was an advertisement for a Total Natural Health Seminar which is scheduled for December 8 in Costa Mesa, California. According to the flyer I received it appears that the seminar is focused on selling a electronic product that looks like a balance board and hooks up to a computer. The seminar will show how to use the equipment (which is priced at $2495 on the flyer). There is no doubt in my mind that balance is incredibly important, and this product reportedly engages both the visual and vestibular system, thereby providing people with an opportunity for better balance. I am not about to endorse this product because I honestly don’t know anything about it as of yet. The thing that gets me (which I’m assuming 99.9% of people attempting to market products to chiropractors don’t understand) is that the packaging for the flier says Expanding Your Practice.

So here I am reviewing another of several hundred pieces of mail Planet Chiropractic receives each month regarding products and or services that are intended to expand one’s practice. Does adding products or services expand one’s business? I believe it depends on how you define the term expansion. Many times brochures are very pretty, and products sound exciting (especially to those new in business), but does adding them grow your business?

I also received two more mailings from nutrition based seminars, with one being held in Manhattan Beach, California. The first piece of mail appeared just like an educational mailing that arrived a couple of weeks ago. The Manhattan Beach event is for something known as the Brimhall Protocol (search the seminar database) and the other was for a clinical nutrition program I believe is sponsored by Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc. (I receive a lot of mail from them, so I lose track if info has been posted previously).

Received e-mail for a chiropractic insurance company (one that provides liability insurance to chiropractors) but I’ve been planning to organize a post featuring a number of insurance providers, so I’m going to hold off on discussing this mailing.

Lastly I received a piece of mail from Schofield Chiropractic Training regarding a conference at the Arizona Biltmore this Saturday and Sunday. I love the Schofields, and I love the Arizona Biltmore Hotel (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). Will be there on Saturday and looking forward to meeting up with some of the nation’s great chiropractors.