Two in the Morning and Your Daily Affirmations

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Going to go through a stack of mail I’ve received in the last two days and offer up some of my thoughts (even if no one’s paying attention). For those of you that are not chiropractors, you’d be amazed at the number of advertisements we receive each and every day. Everyone’s got some kind of magic solution to get new patients into our offices. I received a piece of mail that says I was cordially invited to attract two new patient referrals a day to my practice, starting next week. Problem is, I have to attend a teleconference, order a CD, and RSVP for the telephone event. I love attracting new business, and I love serving the people that come to our office, so don’t get me wrong on that.

Included in this letter I received is a mention that I will learn the single most important message I can tell my patients that will motivate them to refer people to my office.

I find this pretty funny and I want to put it into print, because I think that many people will gloss right over it, and give the information no attention. About three years ago I started an affirmation that I spoke out loud to myself daily. After about a month of doing so I shared the affirmation with my staff. I worked it out in my head, and it made sense to me, I picked a number of new clients I could see each day that would allow my business to grow at a consistent pace. The affirmation is as follows…

Two in the morning, Two in the afternoon.

While there are plenty of people that think affirmations are for nut jobs and kooks, I love them, and they’ve been very effective for me. There are a total of eight shifts in my office each week, which would mean 16 new clients per week, if that affirmation were to manifest itself into physicality each and every week.

Guess what my average is on new patients each and every week (and it’s remained steady for almost 2 years)? Guess where those new clients come from? Since the beginning of that affirmation, I have cut back dramatically on several forms of advertising, including yellow page ads.

You may be saying to yourself, that it’s impossible. If that’s your case, I say to you, it is. You may be saying to yourself two in the morning and two in the afternoon is too little, or too many, depending on your consciousness. We get what we ask for, and I’ll tell you I’m very happy with that number. There are a lot of other fine chiropractors in the area that want to see their businesses grow as well, and they do a spectacular job taking care of people in Southern California. My reality is that there are vastly more people living and traveling in this area than we can collectively handle, so I suppose I have to still work on that.

I have to give a big huge shout out to all the people that are consistently helping to grow my chiropractic practice, and I have to tell you that you’re all in my heart daily. May you all receive everything you ask for in life (hint: be specific).

I went off on a tangent, I’ll get back to the mail at another time.

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