Geek Stuff during Non-Chiropractor Hours

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s almost the Fourth of July weekend and we likely won’t be posting much content to Planet Chiropractic until Monday. I’ve been a webmaster for more than a decade now and I’m probably not alone in being one of those that does server reboots, site maintenance, and other related web site stuff during holiday weekends. A 4th of July Friday night past midnight is a great time to be working on your server. Traffic is usually really sparse.

I’m posting a few geek pics (and some links) from local activities I do when not in my chiropractic office, or at the helm of computers in the planetc1 office.

mobile computing devices

In the photograph above is “AL” who had some pretty cool mobile computing gadgetry. I believe one phone was a Nokia and I don’t know what the other model was. He had hooked up mini keyboards to both of them, which created a really cool and compact wireless experience. I want.

Pictures I’m sharing here were all taken at barcamp Los Angeles Number 5. This is not the San Diego barcamp, it was the event held at the AOL offices in Beverly Hills.

orange chairs AOL The office at America Online (AOL) had these really cool orange chairs that looked like they should be in a space movie. Chiropractor approved although I did not get a chance to hang out in them for a long time since we were on another floor for the barcamp event. Just got a brief tour of AOL. Great place!

I actually hang out with geeks quite a bit. Fortunately in Los Angeles there is a ginormous amount of activity going on and there’s lots of stuff to attend. Twiistup 3 was in January and I’m looking forward to Twiistup in a couple of weeks at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.

The people putting together this event have really been working hard and I expect it will be spectacular. Also great it’s right in my neighborhood. Gotta love that.

Nicole Jordan MacBook

That’s Nicole Jordan with her trusty Macbook. She’s one of the people putting on Twiistup 4 and I believe she’s quite active in helping set up SummerMash Los Angeles as well.

To my knowledge, the mash event is going to be at the Rubicon Project offices in Santa Monica. Very cool place. Just took a few photographs there this past week as they hosted two terrific events.

Certainly not the first time nerds have taken over Hollywood and Santa Monica. It’s becoming a more popular theme though. I think there’s more parties now than there was in 1998 and 1999.

Wonder if anyone remembers Internet World and the parties that were had in downtown LA during the .com boom? Fun times.

barcamp la t-shirt

The T-shirt above shows sponsors from BARCAMP LA #5. Planet Chiropractic sponsored the event along with the other companies shown (like Yahoo developer network). Turned out to be a great investment even if only for the T-shirts. Geeks are funny with their “Schwag” that they get when attending events. It’s like a rock concert stuff I used to get in the 1970s and 1980s.

I’ve had dozens of instances when I’ve seen someone in Los Angeles wearing one of these T-shirts. I find that neat. The LA community has also been great in helping promote our website in the local community. Not necessarily for chiropractic patients seeking chiropractors, but for issues such as WordPress hacks, site maintenance, local webdesign, marketing, and getting a ton of traffic.

For those of you in the United States, have a spectacular 4th of July weekend! That goes for server rebooting Webmasters too!