A Simple Truth regarding Failure

By Brian Nardi, D.C.

Do you accept failures as truth? Many of us do and it is unfortunate. When you accept a failure as truth you limit your potential and artificially lower the “norm.”

It is no more evident than in health care. Our western society has developed a system of health care based on failures and accepted it as normal and unfortunately as healthy. A colleague of mine recently had a conversation with an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in spinal surgery. The surgeon was profusely admitting the failures of his profession. That of all people who go in for a spine surgery over half will be back within a couple of years to have the same procedure on a different area. Again, over half will return within a couple of years for the same surgery. And the cycle continues to repeat itself. I ask, how is this helpful?

An April 2008 study stated between the years 2002 and 2004 over $2 Billion were spent on Medicare alone. The same study stated 240,000 Medicare patients died in hospitals due to mistakes by the hospital or doctor. This on the heels of a 2000 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which stated the USA is 39th out of 41 industrialized nations in terms of overall health and last in infant mortality. It also stated we spend the most money doing it. Throughout the 1990’s research reports stated that people were dying at the hands of medicine so fast it was equivalent to one jumbo jet airliner crashing EVERY DAY (that’s approximately 350 people per day).

spinal chiropractic adjustmentTHAT’S WHY CHIROPRACTIC IS DIFFERENT. That’s why chiropractic focuses on function, rather than feeling. That’s why we don’t want to become medicalized. Because it works! It works without anything else added. It is its purity and simplicity that makes it work.

That is why we teach you to listen to your innate, your inner intelligence which guides you through life. If you had to use your conscious self to tell your heart to beat, lungs to breathe, digest food, move, urinate, defecate, hold onto sperm and egg cells, hear, see, feel, and love all at the same time, COULD YOU DO IT consciously?

NO! That’s why you were blessed with an inner self that can do all of that without you having to think about it. Saying you don’t believe in Chiropractic or that Chiropractic isn’t scientific is like saying you don’t believe in gravity or that gravity is an unscientific principle. Gravity, like Chiropractic is. It works every time.

All you need to do is accept its success as truth the same way you have come to accept medicine’s failures as truth. And the truth shall set you free.

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Dr. Brian Nardi, is an Avon area Chiropractor, practicing in the state of Connecticut. His office is located on W. Main St (highway 202) in the city of Avon.

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