Chiropractor Income Report November 2008

By Daria Belov

Chiropractor related search traffic has increased for terms related to jobs, salaries, employment, earnings, and offices for sale. The results are showing evidence that what’s going on in the global economy, is having an effect on niche industries such as the chiropractic profession. Not only are business sale listings on the rise, those seeking jobs in this hands-on industry, are beginning to look outside their local area for chiropractor work opportunities.

So how much do chiropractors make? That question is asked each and every day by visitors. Some seek assessments on chiropractor salaries, some are searching for stats to possibly see where their chiropractor income matches up with others, and some are seeking to find whether a particular state or city provides a better location for building ones chiropractic practice. In all of this searching, we sometimes find answers and patterns in places we wouldn’t initially consider.

chiropractic classifieds practices for sale ItalyTrends in Classified Advertising
Last week it was reported that 32 businesses had been listed for sale during a 24-hour period. The locations of chiropractic office listings were scattered throughout the United States; with Metro areas such as Denver, Beverly Hills, Seattle, and San Francisco, appearing in chiropractic offices for sale results. Looking at the screenshot, there is only one practice listing posted outside of the United States (an office in Italy).

That number was recently increased with an additional 11 chiropractic offices appearing in RSS readers for those following chiropractic classifieds related to practice sales. Viewing ads individually, one probably wouldn’t notice the financial data included, for the different locations throughout the US.

So, taking a look at a group of business listings, we can extract information on chiropractor earnings, and get an idea as to salaries and income potentials, for different locations across North America. I’ve extracted financial information from the 11 listings posted so we can view them here. To the best of my knowledge, these are income reports for 2007.

New Jersey: practice collecting $193,924.00. Chiropractor take home before taxes is reported at $93,673.00 with a 26 hour workweek.
Indianapolis, IN: family practice collecting $670,313.00. Dr take home before taxes listed at $406,092.00. Office is open four days per week
Austin, TX: wellness practice collecting $489,496.00. Dr take home before taxes $323,861.00.
West Phoenix, AZ: practice collecting $264,768.00. The chiropractor take home before taxes is posted as $181,719.00.
Torrance, CA: family practice collecting $206,335.00. Chiropractor take home before taxes $127,410.00 on a 14 hour work week.
Modesto, CA: family practice collecting $347,276.00. This chiropractor is collecting $206,970.00 before taxes. Working four days per week.
Northwest North Carolina: all cash family practice collecting $277,443.00. Dr take home before taxes $209,750.00 on a 24 hour work week.
Charlotte, NC: practice collecting $468,552.00. The chiropractors take home before the wealth is spread is $256,486.00. Chiropractor works a 26 hour week.
Gilbert, AZ: practice targeted to collect $357,865.00 in 2008. In this case, the chiropractors take-home paid before taxes is estimated at $200,666.00. It’s the only office listed based on 2008 income projections.

And in case you’re wondering, the chiropractic office in Lanciano, Italy is an all cash family practice collecting $93,303.00. The reported chiropractor take-home income before taxes is $67,424.00. That’s also based on a four-day work week. Appears to me that chiropractors love taking Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off.

While this is a small sample, it gives us some pretty good chiropracter salary data from a variety of metro areas and states. US incomes on the list range from $93,000 per year up to over $400,000 per year, before paying taxes. The mentioning that most of these chiropractors are working four days per week or less, is important when factoring earning data. That’s the reality of chiropractic lifestyle that’s probably often times overlooked by people considering a career in the chiropractic industry.

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