Lyme Vaccine Gets Pulled From Market

The controversial Lymerix vaccine used to treat Lyme disease has been pulled from the market, according to media reports. MSNBC news headlines read, “After history of controversy, maker discontinues Lymerix, citing poor sales

The highly reactive Lyme Disease Vaccine has finally bitten the dust. It is important to note that no matter what the manufacturer cites for a reason, the truth is that because the vaccine never made it onto the childhood schedule, the manufacturer is not protected from liability under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Many children and adults alike hurt by this vaccine have filed lawsuits and it is certain that many more are coming. – Dawn Richardson, PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education)

Although the makers have sighted financial concerns as to why the vaccine was pulled, previous news reports may offer insight as to a different motivation for taking the product off the shelf.

From MSNBC News Archives Jan. 31, 2001: Restrictions urged for Lyme vaccine – Patients complain of severe arthritis-like pain

Jan. 31 — About a dozen people who believe they were severely sickened by the Lyme disease vaccine pleaded with government scientists Wednesday to restrict vaccine sales or at least to insist that doctors disclose all possible side effects.

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