Chiro Classified Ad Headings and Tips

By Daria Belov

Even in the summer time, chiropractors are posting six or more advertisements per day, on the classified ad pages of the planet chiropractic website. Those numbers tend to increase when school activities resume in September and offices get back to business as usual for the autumn months. I’ve been paying attention to the various categories doctors and staff are posting ads to and I wanted to bring some attention to things that may be important for you to know when placing chiropractic classified advertisements online.

practice-locations(photo: a screenshot showing recent practice for sale advertisements)

Selling One’s Chiropractic Practice — There is a steady listing of chiropractic practices for sale pretty much year-round. At a glance today, I see more than 600 chiropractic practices for sale type advertisements in that particular category. While the majority are for offices in the United States, there are listings for Canada and chiropractic locations abroad.

The screenshot shows excellent examples of advertisements placed that make it easy for users to see where the practices are located. It is important not to forget that someone online may not know that your practice is located in the financial district of San Francisco. The more details you can offer (city and state minimum) the better off you’re going to be in connecting with another chiropractor that may be interested in purchasing your chiropractic practice.

PRACTICE FOR SALE — I noticed some people are posting their advertisements in all capital letters but it’s really not that important. In fact, more people are turned off by advertisements that use all capital letters than those that don’t. If it were a choice between using all lowercase letters or all capital letters, I’d suggest you go with the lowercase. Yes, all capital letters appear to be bold and attention-getting, but they can be annoying to some users as well. Best solution is to do your best formatting sentences properly and using capital letters only when necessary.

Employment Opportunities — Now more than ever everyone seems to be interested in chiropractic jobs and employment opportunities available. The employment opportunity category is best for those looking to hire chiropractic assistants, front desk assistants, in office physical therapists and massage therapists, medical doctors, billing staff, marketing professionals, etc. It is not the best category for those looking to hire associate doctors of chiropractic.

Associates — The best category for seeking chiropractic associates, and for those doctors of chiropractic looking to be employed in someone else’s office, is the Associates category. This is the second most popular category in the classified ad section, after practices for sale. There are nearly twice as many associates wanted ad placements as there are associates available placements. Hopefully students recently graduating from chiropractic schoolsare finding employment in various chiropractic offices, thanks to the many ads being placed. One thing I would advise after seeing lots of potential offices requesting resumes from graduates is for new chiropractors to be sure who they are sending resumes to. Before sending resumes it is a good idea to confirm that the e-mail address you’ll be sending your information to is correct, and is the e-mail for a chiropractor or chiropractic office. No point in you blindly sending curriculum vitae information to various people on the Internet.

Summer Vacation Coverage — In the United States substitution chiropractor coverage is often referred to as vacation coverage while in Canada it’s commonly referred to as a locum position. Either way, the Substitutions & Locum Positions categories is where those ads get placed. Having good chiropractors that can provide care during vacations, absences for pregnancy, family emergencies and other situations, can be a great asset to someone’s practice. It not only helps the chiropractors in the office get some needed time off, it allows for patients to continue receiving chiropractic care on a scheduled basis.

I won’t get into the products for sale categories today, since we cover that quite frequently, with regular reminders regarding potential scams and fraud.

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