Florida Chiropractor Rocks like a Hurricane at Newport DCS Clubhouse

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Commuting the 405 freeway from Los Angeles to the Campus Drive exit in Newport Beach can be a hellish trip during the six thirtyish hour of the evening, especially when you can’t get into the carpool lane. The hour plus stop and go traffic can be a frustrating experience, but that’s the way it is at times, when moving through the Southland. Despite the bumper-to-bumper clogs through LAX and Long Beach areas, a trip to the DCS Clubhouse in Newport Beach California, was worth the effort. I estimate a hundred chiropractors made similar trips last night to listen to visiting Miami, Florida chiropractor, Dr. Joe Accurso.

Chiropractor Joe Accurso Reads Poetry(photo: Chiropractor Joe Accurso reads poetry while speaking at Southern California chiropractic event)

Last night, Miami practicing chiropractor, Joe Accurso, made the trip into Southern California to come speak in front of a dedicated audience of fired up chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and students, at the Newport Beach DCS Clubhouse. Speaking to a number of chiropractors in attendance, I discovered several made the trip in from areas such as Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Culver City, North Hollywood, Manhattan beach and Riverside. Some chiropractors traveled north from San Diego, almost an equal distance as traveling to Newport from Los Angeles. It’s not just the local OC chiropractors coming in from Irvine and surrounding areas that are attending these events, DCS is increasingly attracting chiropractors from distant parts of the SoCal area.

If a chiropractor can take time off from his practice to fly in and speak for one hour to a group, Local Chiropractors can certainly find a way to close the office a half-hour or one hour early on Wednesday night, so they can hear what’s going on in the world outside of their practice and community.

Joe Accurso is well-known amongst practitioners in the field of chiropractic. Just read what other chiropractors have to say about Joe as a speaker. A chiropractor for some 40 years, with five children that all became chiropractors, Dr. Accurso has been lighting fires in the hearts of practicing DCs across the globe. He continues to practice in Miami, Florida and he has been considerably active in a number of roles related to the industry to chiropractic.

A longtime regular speaker at Dynamic Essentials, Joe Accurso was one of the organizers of what’s become Florida’s Saturday Night Live chiropractic events. He’s an active member of the International Chiropractors Association and the Florida Chiropractic Society (the FCS hosts some spectacular summer relicensing events).

Dr. Joe Accurso was part of the 2002 Panama mission crew and I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with him, providing chiropractic care and education to thousands of people. It’s been about 10 years, but planetchiropractic recorded an interview with Dr. Joe that is still available online for listening (if you can play the archaic Windows asf and asx formats). Depending on your browser, the audio may play simply when loading the file. Visit the old media page and scroll down for the information and links on Dr. Joe Accurso.

Dr. Joe is no stranger to speaking in Southern California, however it’s been too long since chiropractors have had him out. After speaking with Joe yesterday, I remember that I digitally recorded (tascam dat) a one-hour philosophy presentation he gave in the Westside Los Angeles chiropractic office of Dr. Lynne Kerew in January 2002. That event was hosted by the LA Chiropractic Society, which held regular meetings around the West LA area during the late 1990s and into around 2003.

Joe likely wouldn’t mind me mentioning that his West LA presentation was given the same week Miami beat Washington by a score of 37 to 14 in the Pasadena California held 2002 Rose Bowl.

Thanks for coming to California Joe, glad to have you back.

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