Meet a Chiropractor – Kyle Gilmour of Kearny Mesa

By Daria Belov

Located in the far southwest of the United States state of California, is San Diego County. The area borders with Mexico and its population is about the sixth largest in the US. An estimated 3 million people reside within San Diego’s borders and there’s many chiropractors on hand to serve the population. San Diego County features four major interstates (Interstate 5, Interstate 8, Interstate 15, and interstate 805) which allow commuters to travel both North and South as well as East and West (along Interstate 8).

I had the privilege to interview local San Diego chiropractor, Dr. Kyle Gilmour, who has a chiropractic practice conveniently located between the 805 and 15 interstate freeways and is just off Highway 52. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Kyle Gilmour.

San Diego Chiropractor - Kyle Gilmour - Inline Chiropractic

Kyle Gilmour, DC — Inline Chiropractic
7867 Convoy Court, Suite 306, San Diego, CA 92111

PC: Thanks for joining us for this interview Dr. Kyle, since there’s no San Diego chiropractic school, I’m guessing you went somewhere else to get your chiropractic education. What can you tell us about that?

KG: After a great experience with chiropractic in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I chose to go to the school that my chiropractor went to. I chose Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN. It was close to home and I loved the twin cities.

PC: What types of chiropractic techniques did you decide to incorporate into your practice?

KG: The techniques we utilize in our office to facilitate the correction of subluxation are Gonstead, CBP, and some diversified.

PC: You mentioned the correction of subluxation in your practice, would you consider your office a wellness based place?

KG: Our office promotes living an inside-out lifestyle. We encourage our practice members to actively incorporate wellness lifestyle changes through regular advanced health workshops such as Eating your way to health, Exercise for life!, Living life to 100!, etc. both in office and at their workplace.

PC: Sounds like you definitely take an interest in your patients being healthy. How would you describe the types of people that make up your clientele?

KG: Our practice consists of patients of all ages from newborn to 90, with diverse careers such as many Executives to wonderful stay at home moms. We also take care of many pregnant women and their families through our vast relationships with many San Diego midwives and Doulas.

PC: That’s great, especially the relationships with midwives and doulas. You’re expecting patients must really appreciate that you work cooperatively with birthing and laboring specialists. Are you a network insurance provider or a cash only practice?

KG: Payment options in our office are cash, credit card and out of network PPO insurance. We are in-network with Blue shield PPO. We have cost effective corrective care programs available as well.

PC: San Diego County is ginormous. I was looking on a map to locate your business. What’s the name of your location?

KG: Our office is located in Kearny Mesa in the heart of San Diego County. We are located directly south of Miramar Marine Base. We are 10 minutes east of beautiful La Jolla.

PC: Looking at an aerial map, your office appears nearby to Claremont and Serra Mesa as well. What’s it like practicing in that area?

KG: Practicing and living in San Diego is awesome. Never having to start my car in -30 degree weather is a big plus. We are actively involved in our kids sports as well as our own. My wife regularly plays tennis, and I am in a couple of volleyball leagues. We definitely enjoy swimming everyday of the year.

PC: Swimming, volleyball, and tennis are all physically demanding sports, sounds like having a chiropractic background would come in handy for you. How did you get introduced to the world of chiropractic care?

KG: I was introduced to chiropractic in college during undergrad. I played a lot of volleyball, and injured my lower back during a fall. I developed severe sciatica and was having difficulty walking. I had tried just about everything when a friend brought me to his chiropractors Wednesday evening health talk. What he said made sense, so I decided to start chiropractic care. I have now been under care for 17 years and in practice for 11. My wife and three young boys are of course regularly adjusted as is most of my family, here in Southern California or in Canada.

PC: Score some points for those Wednesday evening health talks. What’s the inside of your chiropractic office like?

KG: Our office is cozy. It is a 750 square feet open adjusting room. We utilize x-ray of course as well as the insight substation. We regularly hold in office workshops in our open adjusting area. The tables move out very easy. We are located off of 4 intersecting freeways and have lots of available parking. Our purpose as written on our front office wall is to adjust and educate as many families as possible towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

PC: I can envision people filling up your parking lot. If a local San Diego news reporter stepped into your open adjusting area to ask what it was you do there, your response would be?

KG: If a news person came into the office, my response would be: We save lives through the power of the chiropractic adjustment by allowing the body to express its inborn self healing ability.

PC: Thanks for joining us for this interview Dr. Gilmour. I am listing your address and phone number for those that may want to get in contact with you. 7867 Convoy Court, Suite 306, San Diego, CA 92111 — 858-715-1962

KG: Thanks for the opportunity! We love Planet Chiropractic! @ 1:50 am | Article ID: 1219222255