Dr. Guy Riekeman now President at LIFE Chiropractic College

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I received the call from Dr. Sharon Gorman just minutes ago, Dr. Guy Riekeman, former chancellor of Palmer Chiropractic University System, is now President at LIFE Chiropractic College.

Dr. Guy Riekeman was the president of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, and also served as the chancellor for the entire Palmer system.

Riekeman became the Palmers eighth president in the fall of 1998 after the death of then-president Virgil Strang shortly before his retirement. A motivational speaker and creator of several professional development seminar programs, Riekeman is a 1972 graduate of Palmer. He had been an X-ray instructor, dean of philosophy and vice president of Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, S.C.

An educator, administrator and philosopher, Dr. Guy Riekeman speaks with vision and purpose. His messages enable us to challenge ourselves to seek out and embrace our vision, and to work toward achieving our full potential. His belief in honesty and integrity is a critical factor in creating vision, passion and commitment and is the basis for his philosophy in establishing and maintaining positive personal and professional relationships.

Dr. Guy Riekeman has played an integral role in the foundation of many international organizations dedicated to helping others realize their personal and professional power through vision and commitment. He is among the pioneers in the world of chiropractic technology and has authored and produced a variety of chiropractic patient education videotapes, children’s programs, public service announcements, commercials and TV shows for use in the national media, and is a published writer.

Dr. Guy Riekeman is now the third president to be at the helm of the Life University System.

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