Chiropractic Assistants: Get Your New Patients out of the Fog

By Super CA Lynne (Chiropractic Assistant)

My drive in this morning was terrible, pitch black, rain and fog! I can drive in anything but fog, it’s that unnerving feeling of not really knowing where you are even though you drive the same road everyday. There were a couple of times my heart was racing and I had to slow down to get my bearings. It made me think this is probably the way some of our new patients feel when they come into our offices, in a fog!

First of all, in a fog from the pain they are experiencing. Then, possibly in a fog from the meds some MD gave them 2 weeks ago when they told them it would go away. Their hearts may also be racing because they don’t really know where there are. They know they are in a Chiropractic office of course but they don’t know any of you.

How long they stay in that fog depends on you Super CA. With your welcoming, reassuring Super CA self at the front desk greeting them I bet it won’t be long. Lets say 50% of the new patients you receive have never experienced chiropractic before. Are they scared? Of course they are. How can you help them deal with that fear? Tell them your “Chiropractic story” and if you don’t have one tell them one of your patient’s life changing experiences. I know you all have them. Let them know that chiropractic is for everyone whether they are hours old or years old.

Tell them what to expect on their first visit, let them know that chiropractic is not a onetime thing. Don’t be afraid to tell them the truth, you will gain their trust right from the start. By the time they reach your office they have probably tried everything to relieve their pain. Let them know that something magical will happen to them now that they have chosen to come to your office. I have a sign on my office door, “enter here knowing your life is about to change.” Does it raise a few eyebrows, you bet it does. In my chiropractic report of findings I let them know that once they begin their care to expect some pretty amazing things to start to take place in their bodies. Things they never even expected a chiropractic adjustment to be able to facilitate. You will see when they leave your office after the first week of care the fog has lifted for them and they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just like the light I saw this morning when I finally got into town and out of the fog. @ 11:54 am | Article ID: 1078516465