Chiropractic: The Best Kept Healthcare Secret

By Dr. Stacy Larsen, Chiropractor

I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. We were talking about her son and his battle with ear infections. He had been on numerous courses of antibiotics and they finally chose tubes because they didn’t want him on so many antibiotics any more. The sad part of this story was that the parents thought that when it came to ear infections, they only had two choices – antibiotics or tubes. As a chiropractor, I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed because she never considered chiropractic care as an option for her son.

Why do people go see a chiropractor? Because their back hurts or they have headaches, of course! That’s what chiropractors are for, they take care of stiff necks and hurt spines. Unless you have one of these conditions, you don’t need to see one. Chiropractors are the mechanics for your spine when it hurts.

Unfortunately, this is the role that chiropractors have pigeon holed themselves into. These are the easy and obvious things to talk about when someone asks what we do. And we are good at taking care of pain around the back. But what gets lost when we just talk about symptoms is the real benefit of being under chiropractic care. A healthier spine means a healthier nervous system, which means a healthier you.

Chiropractic was not founded to be a natural solution for back pain. It was started because a man developed a concept that if the spine wasn’t working, it would interfere with the nervous system and throw the whole body off. That interference could slow down healing, throw off digestion and mess up the immune response in the body. These principles have been proven time and time again on millions of patients who have received those benefits from being under chiropractic care. But by just talking about back pain to our patients, this message is lost. We are keeping quiet one of the most powerful things available to effect health and potential.

So going back to the conversation with my friend about her son, in the future I want the thought to come into her mind that chiropractic care is an option for her son. Not that chiropractic is a cure for ear infections or any other conditions. What it does is gives the body a fighting chance against whatever challenges might come its way. Chiropractic care provides everyone the opportunity to express their full potential on every level.

As a chiropractor, I pledge to let it be known what a powerful choice chiropractic care is. Let’s make it the worst kept healthcare secret.

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