Now You Know Launches Digital Office News Service

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic waiting rooms are being transformed into patient education rooms thanks to a new service launched by Now You Know (NYK). The chiropractic website and Internet educational service, Now You Know, has created an in office chiropractic news service that streams information from online to television screens in chiropractic reception areas.

I met up with chiropractor BJ Harman (one of the company’s founders) recently while in Phoenix Arizona for a chiropractic conference. While in Phoenix, I had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Harman and learn more about this new service. I really like it.

First off, the service is free for those that already use NYK for chiropractic website Internet services, and I believe they’ll be rolling out a monthly subscription package for those that don’t have websites hosted with them. Through their service a chiropractic office can connect an LCD flatscreen monitor to a computer connected to the Internet and play live streaming news information that is chiropractic centered.

watch the Internet on your TV
Chiropractic News coming to your office TV soon

The process is fairly basic and chiropractors can use a flatscreen monitor television that’s connected to a computer with Internet connectivity. Using the Internet browser Firefox, chiropractors will be able to login to an account that allows them to manage the various aspects of the chiropractic news service, which will allow them to display the news on the TV full-screen.

The folks at NYK are probably most excited about the value the service is going to have for chiropractors in the way of patient education. I think that’s fantastic but what I really find terrific about what they’re doing is that they’re pushing technology adoption on chiropractic offices everywhere. How many chiropractic offices have their LCD screen TVs (or plasma screens if you like) showing content full screen from the Internet?

What happens as a result of more chiropractors combining the use of online and visual displays through technology in the office is that increasing numbers of practitioners become geek aware and tech intelligent. This leads to increased use and development of continually improving and readily accessible chiropractic educational materials for the office. That’s good for all chiropractors as well as the patients they serve. @ 8:57 pm | Article ID: 1255492663